Sunshine on a Winter’s Day Camera Practice

Sunshine on a Winter’s Day Camera Practice

Our Selfie with the Kitties Blue this week is a Two-fer. Miranda and Dot Kitten were enjoying some downtime on a sunny afternoon last week. It was almost like a Spring day, right in the middle of our winter, weird but we were glad to see it. It meant outdoor camera practice time.

Sunday Selfie Graphic

It is not one of my best DSLR practice pictures! It is over exposed (too light) and Dot is almost as pale as the background. The two cats were looking intently at one of the other family members wandering out of camera shot. So, the lesson I learned from this picture as a newbie? Be aware of how powerful the light can be, and check my camera settings. New Zealand’s light is a lot stronger than Europe and much of the USA’s, did you know that?

Dot is a rich tabby colour, but the sunshine leached out much of her natural colour and Miranda, being a tuxedo cat actually appears to have brown patches thanks to the bright sun.

Dot and Miranda

I am including a second picture for you. This is a Borage plant. Borage is known as a real bee magnet, and last summer the plants kept a lot of bees very happy.

This winter the plants have not died back in spite of some cold weather and, in fact, are continuing to flower!


I was challenging myself to get really close to the plant and get some of the flowers in sharper focus. Do you think I managed it?

Have a happy Sunday everyone and see you on the hop!

Marjorie, Dot and Miranda

Whskr Blogger at Dash Kitten

  1. Love your shots…even if you think that Dot is washed up or out! And I LOVE Borage! We used to grow it with the tomatoes! Not only does it attract the pollinators, but it really seemed to help the tomatoes produce better. And I LOVED using it as a tea. It really makes a great slightly cucumber flavored jelly.
    Love Barb

  2. Your spring-like winter weather sounds appealing to us since we’re in the middle of a hot & humid spell! Photography with a DSLR is HARD, I think. I discovered that my camera has a tendency to over-expose anyway, so I usually have a filter on it when photographing outside.
    Your photos are great, and how lovely that you have flowers that bloom in the winter!

  3. Mee-you Lady Marjorie yur foto of Mranda an Dot iss luvley; wee like thee diffyrent colorss of their furss! Yur both so purrty….
    An thee Borage plant iss luvley….LadyMum finkss thee purpull flowerss inn Mistur K(our nayburr’ss) garden mite bee that….
    ***nose rubsss*** frum *hot* Canada, Siddhartha Henry xXx

  4. Miranda and Dot Kitten, how nice that you’re enjoying that sunny snooze together! And Marjorie, your borage plant photo is wonderful. 🙂

    We’re very worried about Pingo and Pipo, too. That son is cruel and evil.

  5. I know it may be a tad over exposed, but for me the photo works really well as draws you in to look deeper. Love the flowers too, a macro shot of the actual bloom would be wonderful as a follow up. Have shared those dear two cats in need.

  6. I had no idea about New Zealand’s light being so strong, although I am not surprised.

    I’m so concerned about these kitties near Brian’s! It’s so much harder to save cats these days than it used to be.

  7. We might have missed Dot if you hadn’t mentioned her. She really did blend into the background.The flowers are lovely. How nice to have them blooming in winter. Mom sends Harvey lots of kisses. Thanks for hopping over to see us. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

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