Sunday Selfie For Miss Janet

Sunday Selfie For Miss Janet

Welcome to our Sunday Selfie!

Today Harvey insisted he make a portrait for Miss Janet, of the Kitties Blue, as a thank you for her kindness, and for the happiness we get from doing the Sunday Selfie, and visiting all our friends (most weeks).

Mum got some fun pastel sticks recently and they look so colourful we thought they might make a nice background. Colour matters and people should have a lot of it in their lives! Harvey thinks they make the perfect contrast to his enquiring look!

Have you not joined the selfie yet? You need to hop over to The Cat on my Head, and follow the clear instructions in the post. Any problems Miss Janet and the Kitties Blue will guide you.

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Colour Sunday Selfie Millionaire
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  1. dood yur lookin total lee handsum two day N yur pastelz showz off yur awesum coat !!!!!! happee week a head two all ???

  2. What a wonderful portrait, Harvey. I’m sure Madame Blue will appreciate it. I sure do!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  3. Aw, Harvey. We have no doubt that you’re adorable selfie cheered Miss Janet. We also are thankful for her hosting this blog hop that brings so many of us together.

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