Summer Sunday with Miranda

Summer Sunday with Miranda

Welcome to our Summer Sunday Selfie with me, Miranda Kitten, safely sheltering inside the garden mini tent we have. This allows us to enjoy some nice warm summer days without the fear of heat stroke or too much sunshine.

Summer Sunday Selfie Time!

Welcome to the Sunday Selfie which we join, with our friends The Cat on My Head. This week they have a very special event at the Cat Scouts so head on over and say hello!

Sunday Selfie graphic

The Selfie bunch are proud to display their badge, and the selfie code, each week so join us and have a lot of fun meeting new friends across the anipal blogosphere.

Your Summer Sunday Selfie Hostess
Miranda Kitten
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  1. Mew Mew hellos, Miranda! Wink wink! I like your tent very much! How often do you get to sit out in it? My humans put up their camp tent in the backyard last summer & I got to snooze out in it with Mom. I’m hoping they set it up again this summer!

  2. That is a lovely selfie from inside your tent, Miranda. I wish we had a bit of sun here instead of the torrential rain and gale force wind.

  3. That gardening tent looks perfect. Cozy but not too big. And that color really makes your ebony fur pop!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

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