Top Tips for Cats Handling a Stressed Human

Top Tips for Cats Handling a Stressed Human

Is being stressed scary and bad? Sometimes it can be.

Hi there, Silver and Marjorie here. We want to talk about stressed humans, and think this is a good time to talk because there are way too many people who are not happy right now. Let’s try to understand stress and what it really is. We also give you some stress busting tips to try.

Silver takes up the stress story:

There is much talk about stress and how it puts us under terrible pressure, and our fellow felines (and you humans) might be surprised to hear, that not all stress is a bad thing.  It can overwhelm us if we are not careful and we need to know the triggers that start a downward spiral(see further down this post) but can you believe stress isn’t always bad.

“Positive Stress happens when a cat is doing something it wants to do, and which needs all its skills and resources to get the job done. The same applies to humans!”

What is Positive Stress or Eustress?

Here’s an example of when stress works to our benefit. Phoebe suggested a blog post idea to me recently. I was deep in work, under pressure, but doing something I love to do, blog for our readers! I took a breath. I had to bring into play judgement skills, assess if the post would be worth reading and check Phoebe’s spelling and incorporate it into the schedule. It was more work, but work I love. This is positive stress. When a cat or a human challenges themselves in a good way, they can do good things. But we also need to monitor ourselves as people (and cats) for the first signs when negative, unpleasant stress begins to ‘put the bitey’ on us.

Is stress all bad Paris Street View Dash Kitten
Take a walk, breath the air.

“Be nice to yourself. It’s hard to be happy when someone is mean to you.” Christine Arylo, Author

How do you tell when you have Negative stress?

We are all familiar with the downside of stress coming from bad times. This is Distress.

Do any of these stress triggers sound familiar :-

  • Being snappy with best pals, or pets and family members.
  • Nibbling nails (a human thing)
  • Feeling overwhelmed – cats and humans
  • Hiding away – cats and humans
  • Hiding from a problem – definitely a human thing.

A cat or human can be badly stressed, or even depressed. Take care of these warning signs in your humans! You are no psychiatrist but you can encourage your human into a better mental place. Humans don’t have the luxury of hiding under the bed as much as we cats do, so they need pet help. Remember guys, there is no substitute for speaking to a vet or a Dr. if serious issues are involved, but for those temporary low moments try these tips :-


Is Stress all bad? Paris Cat Looking of a window
Stroke a Cat

Quick and Simple Stress Busters

  • Look out of the window, make sure a human is watching. Be fascinated by ‘outside’ so much so the human will go outside and look for themselves. The aim:- get them into the fresh air, maybe take a walk and get a different mental view. A bus ride to town, a visit to the library maybe.
  • Get them chatting to a friend by doing funny stuff, or being super clever. The aim:-  get your human to talk to someone and maybe feel less alone, especially if its someone they can express worries to.
  • Be there for your human. The aim:- In the darkest moment a purr may bring balance and hope, get them through a brief sad or scary time.

Silver Kitten
Stress Buster

WANTED Silver Kitten

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  1. This is such a sweet post! I love the idea of looking at a human’s stress from a pet’s perspective. Even though we don’t speak the same languages, it’s amazing how much pets can intuit. Love to the crew!

  2. I love the approach you take here. Sometimes I wish I could hide under the bed LOL! Recently I bought some new toys for my cats and it’s helped a lot. They’ve become more active and I love playing with them. It’s definitely created a boost for my mood!

  3. Thanks for all the great tips Silver. The power of purrs on any human is a great stress relief. Now with positive stress, you should get out there to what makes you happy. It’s time to have some fun. Have a great day.

  4. What great tips! I know Kilo and I both get stressed at times and there’s nothing like him pulling a face or doing one of his ridiculous pug things to pull me out of a funk. Support definitely works both ways!

  5. These are such great tips, Silver! My kitties do a great job of helping me manage my stress. They know that I am prone to becoming stressed and they give me a lot of purrs. I agree that there are positive stresses in life. Doing great work can be really tough even though it is a good thing and highly rewarding.

  6. It always saddens me when I hear someone shouting at their pet and I know the pet did nothing to deserve that – purr-haps the pet parent is stressed. Great tips here and I will have these tweeted out now!

  7. Thanks, Silver, for reporting on this. I’ve been very stressed the last couple of weeks and Marty has been providing support. I think he must’ve read your article1

  8. These are wonderful tips for both recognizing signs of stress and for de-stressing! I miss having a purring kitty in the house. There is something calming and meditative about the power of the purr 🙂

  9. These tips are purrfect, thanks for sharing! I was really stressed this week trying to get a post out too. It was about a really good friend and the great work she does and I wanted to do her justice. I was so relieved on Friday afternoon when I finally finished it! Phoebe took me a nice long walk to melt the stress away.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  10. Cute post and clever ideas. I must admit the “puuurrring” trick works for me every time. That gets my attention and calms my nerves at the same time.

  11. I love the tip “look out window, make sure your human is watching…” because that’s what Karma does all the time! He chatters to let me know something really GREAT is on “bunny TV” so I’ll come enjoy the view, too.

  12. Silver, these are some really great tips! Humans can get so stressed sometimes, and it’s important for us kitties to know how we can help them! We actually do all 3 of the things you mentioned quite often, and our parents always say how much we help them when they are feeling the negative stress.

  13. Our Mommy is really stressed. Wes been trying to gets her to de-stress, but, apparently, unrolling the toilet paper, yakking on the bed (and in shoes) throwing cat litter everywhere and knocking dishes off the counter onto the floor is NOT what wes should does.
    Penelope recently posted…Thankful Thursday with KozmoMy Profile

    1. Ou Mum gets stressed, it is tough to admit. We tried the cat litter idea but as it’s dad cleaning up that one fell totally flat *grimace* Good luck making your Mom smile * paw hugs*

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