Five Notable Stocking Stuffers Pencil Cases

Five Notable Stocking Stuffers Pencil Cases

We kick off the 2016 Dash Kitten Gift Guides with pencil cases. This is such a crazy, fun way to start our series!

You cannot get through life without pencil cases – honestly! They are beyond useful for everything! Holding pencils, wrangling cables for your phone, stopping that make-up escaping with a crash to the floor, paperclips, sellotape, spare socks, aaannnddd cat treats….. and they are much more stylish than plastic bags! If ever there was a reason to call this a cat product review – THESE are it!

Our five Notable Pencil Cases cover the world and will make perfect stocking fillers for Christmas. There is still time to order one that appeals wherever you are. Postage will be modest – and worth it, especially it will give you that “Aaaaah” moment on Christmas Day.

The New Zealand Christmas Tree

NOTE:- Measurements have mostly been left off as 5 sets of ins/cms details would send you cross-eyed! If you are interested click a shop link!

Check out our five notable pencils cases from around the world.

Pencil Cases from Tissy’s Secrets – England

This one caught our eye, thanks to the familiar name on the front cover! Handmade with a zip closure.  Standard pencil case shape but with a touch of cuteness. The lining and backing fabric can be finished in a choice of flower print fabrics, and there is a high degree of customisation available. Made to order in the UK – modest shipping. 

pencil cases worldwide available for sale

One for the Cool Dudes 

A smart and unique approach to the pencil case from a Zibbet seller.  $40US or £30 (approx) with free shipping.  This brown leather holder is one cool writing storage unit (seems a bit outré to call it a pencil case – right?). We can’t find the location but suspect a corner of Eastern Europe trying to make its mark! Finding something for a man that is handmade and useful isn’t always easy, but this is a good start.

Slim Selection of Pencil Cases from Refined – New Zealand

Refined make our kind of pencil case, showing your writing materials in all their glory. Measurements (when unrolled) are 27cm x 20cm.  Twelve pen pockets, each of them 2cm in width. Closes securely with a metal snap fastener.  $20NZ plus shipping. Check Refined out here! 

pencil-case- sold on felt

Store your Pencils with Bright Simplicity – England

Fat Brown Mouse are delightfully cheeky! They have a cat pencil case listed in their UK-based Folksy shop!  The fabric is bright and the design simple and functional – for the real pencil case look, you can’t do better.  

If you can’t decide on a colour, or simply want more feline fun in your life – this delightful case will fit the bill. This stocking stuffer makes life easy for you! 


Dia de los Muertos Pencil Case from the USA

We love this one and, thanks to our pal Summer at, we have learned a lot about the Day of the Dead.  The whole design concept seems to be taking off; maybe it’s the vibrant shimmer of colours against black, whatever it is – it is effective and amazing to look at!

This lovely pencil case/pouch ($14) is from WantMoreMeows in FL, USA. The maker has a lovely selection of cat themed goods in her Etsy shop and we recommend you take a look at her handmade range. 

Dia de los Muertos pencil case

You are spoiled for the best handmade has to offer with the range of Pencil Cases online.

For the purrfect stock filler on a budget, one of these will be purrfect. Etsy, Felt, Zibbet, the choice of choice of materials is huge, there is a style to suit everybody and every pocket.  Oh, and if you are a maker then this is a good pdf pattern from Etsy to inspire you, there are lots for makers to choose from.

Happy shopping everyone, now where did I put my pencils….. Ah! There they are…….

Miranda Kitten Collector of Pencil Cases

Long Haired Kitten posing

For extra kudos – for the colouring fan add a few high quality colouring pencils (Prismacolour, Faber-Castell), for office folk add a few fun felt tips and Post-Its.


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