Still Life of Harvey with Sweet Peas

Still Life of Harvey with Sweet Peas

Welcome to another sunny Sunday and a selfie taken with the camera mum got for Christmas. We join the weekly hop with the mostest fun and the Kitties Blue! Grab the badge, grab the link and off you go.

sweetpea harvey

You can see the blurry background has a bit more depth and Harvey (senior blogger) is nicely in focus. He has struck a most fetching pose for Miss Janet!

We have deferred our Monarch caterpillar selfie until next week as we think Miss Janet needs a cheer up. So Harvey stepped up with his best pose (or is that posy?)

We are continuing to enjoy Summer and hope to be back blogging now dad is going back to work on Monday!

Marjorie and Harvey
for the Sunday Selfie
Sunday Selfie Graphic





  1. My Momma bought herself a camera for her birthday … and she’s still snapping up a storm. It’s nice to see her so happy though! You are handsome, Harvey … we see some kitty in the background … is that Miranda Kitten or Phoebe?!?

  2. Harvey, that’s a mighty handsome pose of you & the soft blurred background is a very nice touch! Your Momma has purr-fected the use of her new camera! Is your nickname Sweet Pea, too? Hugs!

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