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Make Social Media Buttons Work for You

You see them wherever you go, social media buttons that let your readers share news, views and how-to’s with friends. They are the way you get noticed, and shared.

To get in on the action, here are some quick and easy ways to kickstart your social media savvy.

Social Media Buttons – Choose Your Weapons!

Engagement‘  or interaction across a range of platforms is important. People need to know you are there! Have your social media buttons at the top of your blog. Also add nice share options at the bottom of a post. The aim is to make it easy for readers to share your terrific work. For WordPress users Super Socializer is a versatile option.

social media buttons and how to use them
Find Where Your Tribe Hangs out!               Photo credit Rawpixel – Envato

Do not try to be everywhere, you will go nuts with the stress and ruin the joy of blogging, or creating and selling items online. Find where your ‘tribe’ hang out and focus on those areas first.

You may be a Millennial Snapchat crusher, or Instagram groupie. They are the perfect place to start as you have fun there already and its easier to learn the finer points. You might want to add one of the big guns Facebook or Twitter, and then round off your trio with Vimeo or YouTube for the growing video market.

  • Use these buttons clearly on your blog. Share them often.

Not Sure About Your Social Media Choices

If you aren’t comfortable on a social media platform, leave it for a while, then go back. No matter how crazy popular it is, if it doesn’t sit comfortably with you – walk away. An example? At the moment we simply cannot get a fix on Pinterest. It is popular, drives traffic to blogs, but we just aren’t getting it right yet. 

Where Do I Need To Be?

Limit yourself to three main social media outlets to start with and highlight these buttons on your blog, Why three? Cut the risk of social media overwhelm and build your skills on your favourite channels. You can spread out and try different options, one by one and see how they fit your image, and if you find your tribe there.

Tech and Social Media Overwhelm. Don’t let it happen to you.                         Photo Credit – Bialasiewicz

Facebook alone is an adventure and can generate traffic if you use it properly; boosted posts, special pages and events all generate attention. Twitter now lets bloggers and sellers advertise – you will need to judge how they work for you, and how effective they could be.

Research Your ROI (Return on Investment)

Facebook and Twitter allow you to generate statistics that help you judge how well certain posts are dong, or if important posts are getting shares. Learn a little about how these analytics work.  

Social Media Buttons and Badges – Look Good

Invest in customised, or colour coordinated, buttons or badges when you have a few £ or $ available. These can be very simple, or a particular colour, elaborate or quirky fun. They are part of your ‘brand’, your online identity.

If you look to the sidebar of our blog, we have customised badges created for us by Glogirly Design. They are a perfect fit for our current look.

Now go get familiar with social media! Whenever, and wherever YOU are online, let us know, we will come and visit!

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Written by Marjorie Dawson

Marjorie Dawson, Blogger, Video Maker and Photographer is an established blogger who loves to teach Bloggers about creating their own movies to blow Sponsors away. She also investigates and researches Cat Tech for Dash Kitten blog.

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