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Snow Leopard Portrait

The summer weather allowed me to take a trip to Wellington Zoo and, see the Snow Leopards closeup. I visited two years ago but their ‘home’ was little more than a building site at that time so, I was keen to see the magnificent cats in their new carefully built ‘habitat’.

As it was still school holiday time it was tough to capture a really good shot of Asha and Manju due to the crowds, but I have cropped one of my images so you can see the wonderful colouring and markings of the Snow Leopard. There is a picture below that gives you an idea of its shape and size.

About the Snow Leopard Home

Rather than describe the new habitat created for the Snow Leopards, this link will take you to the Zoo site. If you scroll down to ‘Project Overview’ you can see a photo of the habitat and read how it was constructed. The image was taken with a drone camera from much higher up than visitors get to go and was taken on a much less crowded day! Otherwise I enclose a brief outline below to show how carefully it has been thought out.

I hope to return on a less busy day to take some better big cat photos which I will share here.

Snow Leopard Portrait Settings (DSLR)

  • ISO 200
  • 250 & 135 mm
  • f8
  • 1/160
Snow Leopard full length looking to the left

The habitat will emulate the Snow Leopard’s natural environment, encouraging the animals to display natural behaviours. The steep, rocky terrain will provide physical exercise by encouraging jumping and climbing. The habitat will also offer plenty of space for Asha and Manju to patrol and will include trees for climbing and scratching. The design of the habitat will allow our Snow Leopards to feel camouflaged and rest whilst still being visible to visitors.

Wellington Zoo

12 thoughts on “Snow Leopard Portrait”

  1. I’ve wanted a snow leopard for as long as I’ve known about them. They are the most exquisite creatures!

  2. MIAOW!! That is amazing that you were able to get those pics of that magnificent kitty-cat!! Um…wild cat!

  3. wavez two ewe R big cat cuzin…ewe iz one handsum
    dood…and thiz selfee😺😺 total lee rockz 💙💚‼️😺

  4. Oh WOW. That snow leopard is beautiful and amazing. And their new habitat is so well thought out to meet their needs.


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