A Smartphone Survey for New Movie Makers

A Smartphone Survey for New Movie Makers

Welcome to our Smartphone Survey for movie makers at the start of your journey.

For those of you who want to invest a bit of time in learning about the best way to make movies to benefit your pets, your blogging work or spotlight a rescue pet, we need your input. This is a new survey format so if it doesn’t work yell so we can get to work!

Films shot on mobile phones are one of the easiest ways to get content out into the online world. They are also fun to do we had a blast creating our movie shot on an iphone 6 which was a Finalist in the 2018 Nose to Nose Awards at BlogPaws®.

Smartphone Survey

We want to put some seriously good content here for pet people, and are assembling lots of material into courses on Teachable for launch later this year.

Your responses to our survey will be really helpful, even if you do not do much movie making at all (yet!)

Smartphone Survey Responses Needed

The Dash Kitten 2018 Smartphone Movie Maker's Survey

So, what do you think? Please join our quick survey and tell us what helps most in the comments. Please share our survey too so we get a wide variety of responses from pet people!

Marjorie and the
Dash Kitten Crew

  1. I just got the new Note 9! Haven’t had a chance to figure out my settings (but never got very far with video on my Note 4 either!) Was never really able to figure out how to upload videos to You Tube or find really good software that I liked so never got into videos. Had a few that I tried to upload and they ended up upside down!

  2. I completed your survey. I do make videos with my smart phone, but have not used any apps or programs on the phone to actually edit I really prefer working on my desktop computer but would be interested in learning what to do on the phone.

  3. Did your survey for you. I like using my phone for both photos and movies – simply because it’s always there and I don’t have to worry about carrying any other equipment with me. I edit in Premier

  4. Completed the survey. I have not done much smartphone video recording however, just recently began fostering so I’m definitely going to try to post and use video more. I guess I don’t do it often because lighting sucks in my house. I just recently discovered something called a selfie light that attaches to your phone/laptop. I may invest in that to help with my lighting situation. Love all your handy video tips.

  5. I don’t have a smartphone … I know I miss out on a lot of fun stuff – but I haven’t really seen a monetary advantage at this point. You tempt me with your posts on using Smartphones to get your videos out there. I have a couple raw videos and I’m so overwhelmed at the thought of finding and learning software. Where do you start?!

  6. I’m not terribly interested in making movies, okay I lied, I’m not at all interested but it’s something I wonder if I should be doing. I have no clue where to start, and it’s definitely something that will always take a back seat because there are so many other things I need to work on that are technologically challenging me!!

  7. Filled out the survey! I use an iPhone. I really like the software it comes with, iMovie, but I find it easier to use on a desktop, so I usually edit movies on my mac.

  8. I take videos/pictures on my Android phone quite often, and am finally getting used to my new editing software on my computer. I’d say my biggest issue is that my videos/pictures don’t always come out as nice as I’d like them too. I need a new phone soon, so am planning to upgrade to a new one and am also planning on buying a real camera/video camera soon as well. Hopefully that will help me step up my videos. We took your survey, hopefully it went through.

  9. Ok not having a smartphone and having no interest in getting one in the near future, my choice, I use my camera and do the best I can with it. I am a little slow in catching Madam when I want to LOL. Great survey for those that do use their smartphone for movies

  10. I did the survey and hit Submit, I’m hoping it went through, I can’t tell for sure. My biggest issue is that I don’t have an iPhone, I use an Android phone – most of the cool stuff is on iPhone and most of the courses out there lean towards iPhone users so it feels like a waste of money for me. I also make the majority of my videos with my digital camera, so courses that discuss mainly cell phone video making aren’t of much value to me. I want to improve my video skills, but overall video skills not just focusing on camera use. Another issue I have is that when I “go horizontal” making smartphone videos they don’t translate well to YouTube, which is crucial for me since I need to share videos on my blog. Emailing smartphone video often doesn’t work, the videos are too large. And sadly, Facebook doesn’t seem to allow me to post cell phone videos unless they were originally created in Facebook – I don’t get that, it’s ridiculous! Thanks!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  11. My human actually worked in film editing, like on major feature films, as an assistant before she became a rock journalist. (To tell you how long ago that was, they were using actual film on Movieolas and flatbeds to edit!) Plus she took film school classes in college. So she actually knows how to put together movies pretty well! The thing is making them is SO time consuming! So she doesn’t do them often. A lot of times, she’ll just shoot something off the cuff and use it as an Instagram story or a quick YouTube post – one take, no editing.

  12. Interesting survey, we will be sure to take this later. I have to admit time is our biggest enemy when it comes to doing anything new. Well that and patience, as you know what us cats are like, see a mouse or a chance for a nap and I have to go there and do that. MOL
    Toodle pips

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