Silver – Stokes Valley, Microchipped

HE JUST CAME IN – thinner and a bit subdued but HOME!!

He has been gone for over a 24 hours and while he roams he is not usually away this long.

He lives in Stokes Valley, Lower Hutt and our hopes and wishes for his safe return are requested. Mum is going out searching, and if he is not back by this evening, we will be creating a flyer to post to other houses in surrounding roads and reporting him missing at the vet and local authorities.

Don’t leave a comment relating other grim or sad stories, we don’t need that right now, and they are not helpful OK? We need your hope, prayers and optimism.




  1. So pleased your lovely Silver is home safe and that the wait for news was relatively short. Apart from the good news that Silver was found, we also found dashkitten.com!

  2. Silver my precious…mom and I and my favorite brother WILL pray for your return and for your mom to be aware of the best way to find you. Love you dearest boy.

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