Silver At The Vet

Silver At The Vet

We had a mini drama last week when we had Silver at the vet.

Silver is our lively active garden boy and he came home ‘carrying’ his back paw off the ground. Mum monitored how he was walking and the limp stayed, it wasn’t just a temporary thing. So, Silver was grounded overnight and then taken to the vet the following morning. He was good as gold in his carrier going to the vet and was not (unlike many of our cat buddies) hard to get into the carrier.

The vet checked Silver’s paw thoroughly, as it could be a bite or a serious cut. She could not see anything so asked mum to keep Silver in until he walked normally on his paw again. We were happy to do this and recommend that you do the same if you have a cat with  limp you cannot trace the cause of.

Vet Silver two

Do not feel guilty about keeping a cat indoors until their paw heals. It is your cat who is vulnerable, especially if they enjoy trips out into the garden, without being fully fit. Silver was happy indoors until his paw was healed and we are thankful we acted as fast as we could.

Damned Lies and Statitstics

Vet Silver
We are thankful the vet was able to help Silver.

If your cat is sick or ill, then even if you do not have a lot of money please try to get to a vet. We have heard stories of cats in pain not getting the medical attention they need. This is wrong and extremely selfish of the owners. Shouting out that your cat is sick but you can’t afford a vet is seriously wrong too and this happens too often.

Be good to your family, keep them well on Thankful Thursday.

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  1. Good news that nothing is seriously wrong with Silver’s paw. Hopefully it was something simple like a deep bruise or a pulled muscle. “Incarceration” will keep him safe while he heals.

  2. Glad Silver is getting better. We are very blessed to have an amazing Vet for our dogs. A few years ago an emergency Vet moved into the area and we’ve been glad to have its services available during the hours our Vet isn’t available.

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