Tuesday’s Tails Joyful Update

Tuesday’s Tails Joyful Update

We are participating in Tuesday Tails with an update, which we hope is OK. I have been told that our Leo kitty has been adopted by a lady in New York. Leo was the cat who introduced us to Place for Cats the NYC foster network, he was in such a pitiful state we donated to his pull by PfC. Now, please celebrate with us – a lovely, lively and vibrant boy has a loving home.

We will share today’s TT’s across our social media networks as a way to give thanks for Leo’s new home.


Meet Leo, our blog hop adoptable ginger cat. This time we DO have a real genuine cat in need of an home, and there is a tale attached. Oh, and thank you to DogsNPawz for the fun.

Playing the Meerkat card!

How we got to meet Leo

We first came across Leo as one of the pitiful images on Facebook, thin, desperate and woebegone…. we determined to donate for his rescue, then we had to move Heaven and earth to discover who that the rescue was. It turned out to be Place for Cats and, thankfully they are now accredited and much easier to donate to if they pull a cat from the terrible kill centre at NYC ACC.

Leo is fostered by Place for Cats, a network of caring fosters in New York City who receive a portion of each sale from mum’s shop (see the side bar). We are hoping to help get them a web page up but they are currently in need of volunteers. (If you are NYC and able to do light admin. get in touch with PfC email).

Spirited Play with the resident cat

Where Leo is

PfC is fostering Leo and he is desperate for a home. He is fostered by a lovely lady in a small apartment but he is THE most lively, loving and fun cat you could ever hope to meet. He is handsome and so adoptable it’s not true! So, your shares for Leo would be very welcome. We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to find him a spacious and friendly home. To see how lively he is check the pictures, and you will find a few more pictures and PfC details is a previous post.

Leo – impossible to keep still, his high spirits need a good home!

Contact details for Leo :-

Place for Cats Foster Network (PLACE FOR CATS is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization incorporated in the State of New York)
Email : lancastermia AT verizon DOT net
Telephone to schedule an appointment : 212  751   2093

Tuesday Tails

  1. best fishes two ewe dood…we hope ya findz & iz in yur for everz by St Patrickz day !! XxX

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