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Pet Blogger Interview Our Fave Siamese Bloggers

Pet Blogger Interview Our Fave Siamese Bloggers

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Welcome to a terrific Siamese cat blog for this week’s worldwide web interview. We have an Meezer focus, and as mum is a big Siamese fan, we are thrilled to add this interview to our roster of international stars.

Today we welcome two of the cats that give us much pleasure online, Kali and Shoko, Meezers at Large in one of our favourite countries – Canada.  Welcome to spokescat Shoko who introduces The Canadian Cats…..

siamese cat, posing cat, elegant siamese, blue eyed cat, blue eyed kitty,

Hi there.

Welcome to Fort Meezer in da Hood.  It is a royal treat to communicate with others so far away.  Pull up a stool and have a steaming cup of catnip tea fresh from our garden. Um….the catnip that is……not the water. hehe

Where in the world are you?

We, being sister Kali, mom and dad and myself live in the Northern Central Interior of British Columbia, Canada.  Kali and I have never left the city of Prince George so we believe mom.  Prince George is known for sawmills and pulp mills as we are surrounded by forests for miles and miles.  We find this fact boring.  We don’t climb trees and don’t eat bark so what’s the big deal?  So we need to make our own fun.
siamese cat, older cat, cream siamese, cat looking
Kali the Siamese Cat

What is your favourite part of creating your Siamese cat blog?

Kali and I would agree that our favourite part of posting is the time we spend with mom.  We lay on the back of the love seat and look over mom’s shoulder as she types. We feel the input mom receives from us is valuable and sometimes mom gets some excellent pictures of our studious behaviour.  We do many activities with mom and one of my favourite is tending the veggie garden.  Every day I water, fertilize and dig in the garden, providing the much-needed nutrients these veggies need.  Our growing season is short so mom needs all the help she can get.  Sorry, I can get a little wordy or become a blabber mouth.  We all love the idea of reaching out and talking with friends from all over the world.

What kind of readership have you discovered enjoys your blog?

The Canadian Cats is not a deep blog that deals with diseases of cats or nutritional requirements.  We offer a mostly humorous look at two Siamese cats and their dealings with life’s events from their point of view.  We would assume most of the visitors to the blog are looking in to see what antics Kali and I have been inflicting on mom.  Life can be very serious and discouraging.  A laugh can change a depressive mood so the obstacles in our life don’t seem as monumental.  If, someone gets a chuckle from our behaviour…..our goal was achieved.
classic siamese. aristocratic siamese cat, cat posing
Shoko the Siamese Cat

What are the joys and challenges of being a worldwide blogger?

The challenges of worldwide blogging were obvious right away.  Mom knew little about a computer and even less about the programs.  She had to find out how this here box thingie worked and then learn to take pictures, photo edit and generally familiarize herself with the everyday workings of life in Blogville.  The joys were quick in coming.  The first post we did and it turned up to be visible to others, was a cause for celebration.  Then to find out three peeps actually were interested in what we had to say……well, you could have blown us away.  The one thing we didn’t expect was the close-knit community we were joining.  We now have friends from Hungary to The Hague.  We have become very attached to both the peeps and the pets.

Will you suggest some of your favourite posts for our readers to discover more about you?

I would say to your readers, if you have the time read them all.  See how mom has improved over the years.  MOL  She did her first post and then was so upset, she never posted again for 3 months.



Thank you Shoko for introducing our readers to your Siamese cat blog, we are big fans and hope our friends enjoy meeting you!


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Marjorie Dawson

Marjorie is a motorbike riding blogger and award winning cat photographer who believes that everyone can shoot and edit wonderful pictures they love regardless of the camera they use.

She is a Professional member of the Cat Writers Association, Kuykendall Image Award winner and published photographer at the Guardian newspaper.

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21 thoughts on “Pet Blogger Interview Our Fave Siamese Bloggers”

  1. Thank you for the introduction to this wonderful blog. We always appreciate someone who can give us a smile or two, especially when it’s about our favorite subject – cats!

  2. KAli and Shoko is 2 of my bestest furrends. They even lives in the same Canadian Province.
    The bestest thing was when their Mommy and Daddy came to visit mes at my house! Mes even KISSED their Mommy!
    If your peoples comes to Vancouver mes would kiss them too!

  3. What a wonderful, fun interview! We love finding new blogs to follow. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  4. Shoko dude, long time no meow! Great to see mew here though, I’ll stop by your blog in two shakes of my tail, well when I’ve finished commenting here! MOL

    Great interview BTW – totally pawesome 😀


    Basil x

  5. Great innerview. Course we luv Shoko and Kali and ‘member da beginnin’ with ’em. But we still ain’t gettin’ your posty’s in our email. Everythin’ dat we can sign up too says we’s signed up, but alas…

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  6. What a great interview!
    We are running right over to check out their blog.
    Have a great weekend…

    Noodle and crew

  7. What a great chitter chat with our friends Shoko and Kali..we love these meezers to peezers 😉 thankyou Miranda for a great interview! Loves Fozziemum xxx

  8. Shoko is one of my BFFs and Kali too but she’s quieter. I didn’t see any mentions of Cow Kitty though.

  9. I love Kali and Shoko, I follow their blog. Thank you for featuring them. I guess I wasn’t reading back when they wrote about their brave Dad0 that was a funny one.

  10. It was nice reading about these Meezers! I haven’t put them in my feedly yet so I don’t see them very often.

  11. WOW… all those trees to play in, it would be heaven, I wounder if they have squirrels? What a great interview, Miranda, thank you. I am heading to add them to my reading list. purrs ERin

  12. we lovez kali & shoko !!! theeze galz iz hill larry uz !!! { mom & dad iz two } they all wayz throw grate parteez when ther peepulz go on vacayshunz….we hope that dinna print …N they haz sum kewl nayborz two !!! 🙂 grate interview two day

    insert hearts XXX

    • Hi to our fishy friends. Mom was not happy to hear we’ve been partying when they go on vacation. Kali is talking fast and I think she has won mom over with her story of helping others see Canadian kitties as fun and not fuddy duddies like human Canadians tend to be. MOL


      • Kali, tell your Mom I Know you have never had a party while they were gone because I was never invited. 🙂 Lexi
        Miranda, thank you for featuring my BFF kittie friends. I am Lexi, the schnauzer, waving paw at you from hot Tennessee.


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