Driving Mr Dusty – In Memoriam

Our wonderful Driving Mr Dusty movie star has gone. Dusty crossed the Bridge, on his own terms, on the 24th of May 2017. He left while he was laid on the sofa beside me. I was chatting to him about editing his Animates video trip which premiered on Facebook, and which is now on Vimeo.

That morning, Dusty let me wrap him a blanket. This is how I knew he was not going to stay long. He never wanted to be wrapped up, in spite of the New Zealand winter chills we have started to get. He stuck to his favourite Pro-Plan carry case bed, and his heated alpaca cushion bed and blanket, with a side trip to his covered ‘bolthole’ in the utility cupboard when he didn’t feel too well.

Driving Mr Dusty – How Dusty Became a Video Star

We found out at Christmas (due to his emergency vet visit) that he adored car rides, so, we began to take him for a drive, and the mini series Driving Mr Dusty was born. The pleasure he gained from these road trips was immense. He adored the car, he loved the wind in his fur, and the sense of motion. 

Dusty the Senior in serious pose

Driving Mr Dusty – His Final Trip

Dusty took a last evening drive the night before he crossed the Bridge. His dad Paul suggested an evening drive, down to the Petone foreshore that had been the scene of our first amazing road trip video. When we got to the seaside, we wound down the window……..

and we could hear the waves. Although it was dark and there was a winter chill, Dusty showed some interest. Then, something magical happened, a strong breeze swept into the car and Dusty rose almost onto his front paws, and be seemed to breathe in the air, loving the feel of it on his fur….”


We are joining Brian and his family with Dusty for their Thankful Thursday celebration. We want to celebrate Dusty and say how thankful we are that we adopted him as a senior. He taught us much including patience, loving senior cats, discovering cats loved car rides and made movies, and his strong and determined presence enriched our lives.

Thank you for joining our family Dusty.

We will miss you.

Marjorie and the
Dash Kitten Family
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Driving Mr Dusty Dusty His Last Picture


Dusty Memorial picture.

Dusty Memorial picture.

Driving Mr Dusty Cat Visits Eastbourne

Welcome to Driving Mr Dusty, also known as Middle-Earth Monday, where we show you a cat’s eye view of Wellington, and New Zealand with video and some cool snapshots!

Today we spotlight Eastbourne suburb. About 4,200 people live here in all, but it gets busier with visitors, when the weather is fine. 

Dusty Visits Eastbourne – Activities

Today we visit a Wellington suburb that is at the end of a long, winding seaside road, just check the video. It is also the starting point for many outdoor activities, including hiking adventures. Hiking is known as ‘tramping’ here, and there are some cool routes that start at the far end of Eastbourne, beyond the shops and houses.

 Dusty Visits Eastbourne Weruva Tshirt

The road does eventually stop, not long past our car park spot in the movie, and there is no tarmac road,  but a host of advenure activities are based here. You can windsurf, and there is a 60 minute bike ride to the very tip of the peninsula. You can also get out in a kayak, and go snorkelling. So, you can see why on a fine day, we were pleased to get a parking spot!

 Dusty Visits Eastbourne Weruva Tshirt

Dusty Visits Eastbourne Then Gets Up to Mischief At Home!

It was a busy day, it tired me out and so Mum and Dad found giving me my fluids a lot easier.  When I was worn out and laid in my carrier I didn’t protest! At the end of a busy cat day we were ALL tired, so, I waited until they both turned away before I tried to jump out of my wire carrier! I nearly tipped over so Mum watches me like a hawk now * sigh * The adventures of a senior cat eh!?

OK Guys! See on the next Driving Mr Dusty
* Paw Wave *
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Watercolour Mystery Selfie


Check me out – I am a special effect watercolour Mystery Selfie!

I bet Miss Janet, who hosts the Sunday Selfie blog hop with the Kitties Blue, will not recognise my disguise! Cat of mystery eh!

Sunday Selfie graphic

We are not sure we got to everyone last week, for which we apologise. This week we will do better. Dusty has been doing OK and has just returned from another road trip to a different part of Wellington. He had a ball, and tells me he went down to the seashore!!!

Check back tomorrow for his video for Middle-Earth Monday. Thanks to blogging colleagues Sarcastic Dog, we actually have a proper title for the road trips – they are now called

Driving Mr Dusty‘ 

We just want to add a thank you note to Miss Janet for hosting the Sunday Selfie hop, and the Kitties Blue tribute to dear Flynn.  We will miss seeing the Blue family at the BlogPaws┬« conference this year – which Mum is very sad about. As she keeps telling me, having been honoured to represent worldwide bloggers last year at BlogPaws the last thing she expected was to be up for an award this year. Sheesh will Mums never learn eh? 

Your anonymous blogging buddy
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Dusty and Dad in Rivendell Sunday Selfie

Hello everyone, today is a selfie of Dad and I at Rivendell, in Lord of the Rings Country – or as we call it New Zealand! Can you see me peeping up from my carrier? It was a fun trip, and I was wide awake the whole time.

Rivendell, also known to Ring fans as Imladris, means meaning “deep valley of the cleft”, and there are places where you feel surrounded by high hills, and deep river beds. in Kaitoke Regional Park.

Sunday Selfie graphic

  • Kaitoke Regional Park covers 2860 hectares in the foothills of the Tararua Ranges, which are a short range of spectacular hills that divide the Kapiti coast from the Wairarapa farming and wine making areas.  Steep, bush-clad hills, and the Hutt River gorge make this a special place, and the centuries-old rata, rimu and beech forest are features in this gorgeous natural setting. You can camp here too!

Tomorrow is a Middle Earth Monday feature day, with a mini movie video of my trip to Rivendell, plus more details of what Rivendell was like. 

In the meantime, please join us and our friends the Kitties Blue, who host the Sunday Selfie. They host the code, and the blog badge, and will give you a warm welcome to one of the nicest blog hops on the interwebs.

See you on Middle Earth Monday,

Dusty Cat
reporting from
Rivendell, in Lord of the Rings Country
Dusty the Cat






Don’t Cry Mum, Celebrating a Senior Rescue

Dusty here, I want you all to start celebrating a senior pet, because we seniors have a lot to offer you and your family. Here’s a few reasons why you should love us.    

I saw Mum looking at me the other day, she looked as if she had tears in her eyes, sort of sad. “My Dusty boy” she said, and I sensed a touch of worry. I know she loves me, so I wanted to write something for her, and for anyone who take in a senior cat, or dog. Anyone who thinks they got to us oldsters too late to make a difference. Please, think again…..

Dusty’s Thoughts on Celebrating A Senior in the Family

I’m fine Mum, I am safe, warm and content. I don’t feel the need to whoop it up like the youngsters anymore. 

I am an older cat, but, that doesn’t mean I can’t express my gratitude. I just do it in quieter ways. It may be a croaky meow, a raspy lick, or a trusting look. I lack the courage to cuddle; there are things in my past that stop me in my tracks, things I can’t tell you, but I am learning to trust again – a bit more each day. I can purr too, so I do just for the pleasure of it!

You worry you are a bit of a ‘helicopter mum’,  hovering anxiously to see if I like today’s meal, or if I have enough water. I do, I just like keeping you on your toes by pretending the food’s not to my taste *grin*. 

Dusty in a garland of hearts

Celebrating A Senior – Gratitude

How many other seniors get up to six tasty meals a day – on demand and, how many get a daily brush from Dad (he’s my favourite). Often he will put down his briefcase and ask if I want a brush, before he even unpacks! 

So, don’t look sad; or say ‘We Love you Dusty’ and worry. I know you love me, because:-

  • My expensive emergency vet visit on Boxing Day tells me.
  • My daily Dusty special senior supplement tells me.
  • The sound of love and encouragement from the ‘Morning Dusty!”, to my own special night light left on for me, and the “Sleep tight Dusty” as you put out my night time snack and fresh water.

So, don’t cry for what happened before, what you can’t change, that’s in the past. I am happy, I am here.

I am home.

Spoiled and Celebrating a
Senior as Blog Reporter

Dusty our senior and most recent blogger

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