Senior Cat Days

Senior Cat Days

We celebrate senior cat days for the whole month of August as it is Aging Pet Appreciation Month with Blog Paws. Pet bloggers honouring the senior members of our Cat, Dog and Pet community. Our First and Best Cat is Peanut (18) flew with us from Great Britain to New Zealand.

senior cat

Peanut’s Senior Cat Days

Peanut is the last survivor of the quartet who came with us 8 years ago. She still scampers like a young kitten sometimes,  and she is as much a Princess and Diva as young Phoebe Kitten is 🙂 – we love her.

Many seniors get dumped at shelters, an horrific practice that, to us, shows people need to question if they truly love their pet – if they dump it after a decade or more. Senior pets, like senior people, may change but they are, at hart, the same as they were when younger – happy and loving, perhas just a little slower to wag a tail, or conjure a soft purr for your delight.

Lastly, we are grateful to Cathy Keisha for letting us know Peanut is now a Blog Paws superstar!

P.P.S. Did you know today is US National Lefthanders Day? Happy South Paws folks!

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  1. veree nice two meet ewe peanut !!! a happee seniors month two ewe; hope yur dayz be filled with happeenezz & health, trout & toona, sardeenz & salmon !! xxxxx

  2. Always missed and always remembered. We now have three youngsters. Time is going fast, but I am still in the new mom mode.

  3. Senior pets rock! Nan & Pop brought four kitties over to Australia from New Zealand … the oldest of them was 12 yrs old and he went on to live to a ripe age of 20 years. Now that she thinks about it, they have only adopted one Aussie kitty in the 17 years they have been living here, and that was when they first moved here – a kitten called Darius, who lived ’til he was 13 yrs old. However, they do have one kitty who adopted them – her name is Patch. She walked into their lives when they first moved out to the farm, 10 years ago. She was a scraggly 6 month old who had to find her place in a fambly of 3 older cats. But for the last few years she has had the run of the farm, no other kitties to share it with her. She’s the Queen, and she knows it.

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