Welcome to our self hosting for new bloggers post. This is aimed at the beginner who wants to know what hosting is, not knowledgeable bloggers.  [Revised and Updated June 2018] 

We are not experts at high-end tech but know what it is like to be faced with so many options you want to run away. We hope we can make things a bit clearer for new bloggers.

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Our focus is one particular element of blogging – Hosting for a WordPress blog. The major CMS players are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. If Joomla, or Drupal are your content management systems of choice get advice from your blog host and do plenty of reading so you become familiar with the terminology used.  

  • “A content management system (CMS) is a software application or set of related programs that are used to create and manage digital content” – TechTarget

How is Self Hosting Different?

If you want the more versatile option self hosted WordPress is the way forward on your blogging journey. This helpful link to an infographic summary explains the wordpress.org vs wordpress.com difference. Please read this, it explains each option very clearly so you will feel less intimidated.  

Self hosting Tips

We will also tell you about our host Rochen.com. While you are free to chose any host you feel comfortable with, we show you our own as an example of what good service really means. 

We knew we wanted to be with WordPress and we wanted a Self-Hosted site

We set about investigating potential ‘hosts’ for our blog. If you are not sure what a host is, don’t be confused. It means exactly that.

A host is a company that has space to host your blog, your images, text and video on their servers. These servers are seriously BIG computers hosting countless blocks of data, company websites and your blog. 

Research Potential Blog Hosts

Don’t just jump at the first special offer you see because it’s sounds amazing. The chances are that anything super cheap means corners have been cut somewhere. This often means vital elements like slower loading times (a definite NO!) or more limited tech support. We recommend Rochen.com because of their excellent 24/7 customer service and tech support.

When something goes wrong the chance is that it will be out of office hours. This can lose you valuable uptime for your new blog and put you under stress when you want to be having fun creating stuff and writing.

If you are a non tech type you need all the friendly help you can get. No-one at Rochen ever seems to be rolling their eyes at my newbie questions. The responses are courteous and knowledgeable every time, we like that.

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Ask friends for ISP recommendations

See who your friends and colleagues are hosted with. Check out posts like ‘the 10 best web hosts for…’  on tech blogs. Not only do you get an idea about who might be good to host your new blog, you will learn useful new tech terms. Don’t get sucked into debates on GoDaddy vs Bluehost or Bluehost vs Hostgator or any other big name. Do your own reading and make your own choice – in your own time. 

  • PRO TIP 1: Don’t let anyone hurry you into selecting a host. Just remember there is no such thing as ‘free‘.

The honest truth is that you pay for tempting ‘freebies’ somewhere further down the line. Instead, look at what you get for a modest monthly outlay. You may find it is more worthwhile that the free hosting offer from a domain name provider. So we strongly advise you to take each step at your own pace and make your decisions after you have done basic research. 

  • PRO TIP 2: You do NOT need to accept hosting from your Domain Name Provider.
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Not sure what to do? Ask! Get your tech savvy friends to help.

Where is My Blog Stored?

You can look on your blog as a book in a very big library. Your blog or web site is all yours. Your space and ideas, your inspiration and images. Together with a lot of other blogs you are part of a giant library on what is called a ‘server’. This is where our recommendation for an host comes in.  We are, and have been since we launched DashKitten, with American company Rochen.com.

Having read lots of general blog posts and also noted the sometimes negative press given to ‘shared’ servers, we feel we did our research pretty well, and then we did the ‘right thing’ when chosing our host. Everyone shares, but some of us are not crammed in like sardines on frustrating slow servers.

So, why do we like Rochen as our blog hosts? Here’s a yardstick to judge your potential hosts by:

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Self Hosting – Does Your Potential Host Offer This…

  • Technical Help available 24/7 Is the tech team fast to respond? Ours has round the clock service for us, its customers.
  • Rochen have their own servers, does your host? Our Host has servers in the USA and Europe. No one else grabs their server speed.
  • Look at your host’s charges. Our folks at Rochen have modest charge for a basic plan. Remember, cheapest is not always best – compare what it on offer. Annual payment may also get you extra space. If you can, invest in an annual plan.
  • If you are the tech type you will appreciate a good host’s comprehensive technical facilities. We like the fact our host, Rochen are safe fast and secure.
  • We are proud to host an affiliate linkso we can put our trust in them front and centre, where it counts.

So, if you need an host for your self hosted blog we recommend them 100%. We invite you to head over and take a look with no obligation, and whichever host you select; do your research before you make your decision.

Now. Will you be taking enough care finding the right host?

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