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Pet Blogger Boris Kitty Interview

Pet Blogger Boris Kitty Interview

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Check out our fundraiser and cat blogger Boris Kitty interview.

I caught up with @BorisKitty when he and H2 were deep into organising the famous SciFipawty that rocks Twitter each year. (from 2015) There is a pawty Twitvite  Boris is honouring cat rescue One by One who receives no state funding. 

Each year the pawty just gets better and better! This year TokiPoki are creating special pet cards for SciFi pawty, there is a Facebook page,  a Pinterest Board, and there is a special eBay auction.

Boris Kitty Interview. Boris Kitty Memorial image 2020

I began our Boris Kitty Interview asking how the Pawty got started

……… ” Scifipawty all started way back when we wuz all habbin fun wif PawPawty. Dey were ma inspurrashuns. Like dem I wanted to gib back and halp out anipals, but I wanted to do sumfin unique & dat ma geekin H2 would enjoys. So az her beirfaday rolled around (herz gets old every year on March 13th) we started SCIFIpawty to halp da anipals & to celebrate herz being old. MOL.

Is it a big job getting SciFiPawty ‘on the road’?

OMC it iz craziness to gets SCIFIpawty organized. We did da first one all by our lonesome. So when we were offered halp for da second (& all followin SCIFIpawties) we jumped on it. I takes ma usual naps but I wake up every so often to make sure dat H2 iz hard at werk on SCIFIpawty.

Is there a special focus for SciFipawty in 2013?

Well dis year we still gibbin a lil hed nod to dem sweet foster monsters we had wot passed from FIP (dat a bad kitteh disease it iz). But mostly dis year we gonna gib a shout out to our pals wot passed as well. We lost some big player anipals dis year like Frugal Dougal, Cosmo & Brutus. Da Red shirts will be sportin a red arm band to honor der sekurity captain Brutus.

SciFipawty always raises the bar on pawty fun, what do you have up your paw sleeve this time?

We tried to makin dis years SCIFIpawty a little more like a ‘real’ scifi convention by adding an autograph room (we will be having auctions of autographed items on ebay), a panel or two (‘celebs’ will hold discusshuns & Q&A times) & iffen H2 has time to do it a vendor sekshun where anipals can buy cool stuff frum utter anipals. If we don’t get it all dun dis year we will next year as it will be da 5th annual SCIFIpawty in 2014!

Boris Kitty Interview SciFiPawty 2017 with Boris Kitty for One by One Rescue

What do you personally, hope to get up to at SciFiPawty?

U knows az host it iz hard to hab fun at da pawties. Dis year I gonna try harder to hab more fun. My bestest memories r of ma pals gettin all excited when dey arrives & gettin to see all da cool costumes. I also get to snoopervise H1 & Edgar az dey pick da costume contest winners.

Exclusive: Check out Panky the Panfur’s interview here!

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She is a Professional member of the Cat Writers Association, Kuykendall Image Award winner and published photographer at the Guardian newspaper.

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  1. Thanks for the interview! I will try to get my human to help me pawticipate on Saturday! It sounds fun!


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