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Scavenger Hunt Photo Feature Spotlight

Scavenger Hunt Photo Feature Spotlight

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I originally aimed to do a Scavenger Hunt photo feature for the Pet Parade with several submissions by lockdown pet lovers and bloggers, highlighting the work received.


The response of one particular group of tabbies has been so inspiring I am featuring their submissions for your admiration and applause in a solo show. I will include my own and other submissions in next week’s Pet Parade.

The NEW Pet Parade Banner Aug 2018

Join Dash Kitten, Bionic Basil and Barking from the Bayou for some photo fun.

The Scavenger Hunt Challenge

First, can I remind you that for the month of May the challenge is still open? If you want to participate just send your photo or photos on the one or more of the themes listed. EMAIL: thecrew AT dashkitten.com

The themes are meant to inspire your pictures and kickstart how you look through your camera lens or screen, regardless of the kind of camera you have. This is a no-pressure inspirational challenge!

I ask you to look for three objects around your home (and/or your garden).

  1. Snap a pet – thinking differently. Try a super close-up, from above or on the ground. Pet accessories ‘still life’ without your pet. No pet? That’s fine pick another object close to your heart. 
  2. A family treasure. A family ornament, a precious piece of costume jewellery or real gems. A graduation cap in black and white, a favourite pet bed.
  3. A single object. How close can you get? What difference does lighting make? Have you tried black and white? Anything casting a strong shadow can be amazing. Is your object a favourite pet food? A cat toy, or a grungy bone that will look fabulous in black and white?

Scavenger Hunt Photo Feature Star

The Tabbies o’ Trout Towne

If there is one lesson you can take away from these fantastic images it’s this:

A smartphone takes epic, stunning and amazing pictures.

All of these images were taken with a single smartphone and each one looks at things differently. Can you take up the challenge?

Snap a Pet

A trio of images from the tabbies and all images remain copyright to them © tabbies ” trout town 2020.

  • Monochrome portrait,
  • A humorous action shot that would make the perfect cat meme, and
  • a dramatic ground-level shot that fills the picture frame.

tuna of moon. A monochrome study

© tabbies o’ trout town 2020

An Action Photograph

If you thought you could not take a great picture of flowing water using a smartphone, this photograph may encourage you to try again.

The elegant twist of the poured water is frozen forever in time and this is totally awesome. Now you know, you can take amazing photos with your smartphone.

© tabbies o’ trout town 2020

mackerull says


© tabbies o’ trout town 2020

A Family Treasure

This close-up shows a family heirloom with a story attached. The pipe travelled from Ireland to the USA many lifetimes ago. It is a small part of the USA’s huge history.

The picture is close enough for the closeup blur to almost magically become an abstract composition of elegant curved shapes and textures.

© tabbies o’ trout town 2020

Dinner time in Trout Towne

© tabbies o’ trout town 2020

Marjorie Dawson

Marjorie is a motorbike riding blogger and award winning cat photographer who believes that everyone can shoot and edit wonderful pictures they love regardless of the camera they use.

She is a Professional member of the Cat Writers Association, Kuykendall Image Award winner and published photographer at the Guardian newspaper.

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19 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Photo Feature Spotlight”

  1. I take a ton of photos of my dog; that’s all I take photos of 🙂 Unless it is too cold or crazy bug season. So there are times when I miss out on taking photos. But still, I have thousands.

  2. Thank you for creating such a fun post and activity. I will be thinking about different angles and subjects. Who knows, I may capture something to submit before the end of the month!

  3. Oh my goodness! Those are so good. I can see why they’d be featured. I love this idea for a photo challenge. I need to get Skipper snapping.

  4. © tabbies o’ trout town photos definitely deserved their own feature! I love them all, but especially the one of Mackerull saying “Pow.” I’m looking forward to seeing more entries!

  5. I have often been surprised- while we have a DSLR, some of my favorite shots are candids from an iPhone. The everyday moments in life can be so beautiful!

    • Yes. I agree 100%. I took photos at my local cat cafe and WOW, even ‘just on my phone’ I loved them.

  6. What fun! I love Dinner Time at Trout Towne! The pipe looks really interesting, too. I love historically artifacts, especially from the region of my own ancestry.

  7. The Tabbies did a great job for the challenge. Every photo is good, and I love that unusual shot of running water. Such a cute photo of Mack too.


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