Visitors at the Golden Gate Bridge

Our Visit to San Francisco

When we visited the USA as International Ambassador for BlogPaws® we also paid a visit to Savannah and her family and we spent time exploring the amazing City of San Francisco.

We had a wonderful time there, seeing so many amazing new places, we travelled the famous cable cars, and visited the USA’s first cat cafe in Oakland!

San Francisco Cable Car
A real Cable Car, San Francisco

Touring Around San Francisco

We are especially thankful for Spitty the Kitty‘s Mom, Mary, for being our kind host for our trip to see the Golden Gate Bridge. The fog lifted enough for us to see it (often it just stays foggy!!!) and Mary gave us a real flavour of the City, making us feel really welcome. 

San Francisco Cat Town Oakland
The unique and special Cat Town graphic.

Everyone should be lucky enough to have such a fun guide when they visit a new place.

Harvey Button
San Francisco Reporter
cat ear surgery Harvey at Dash Kitten






Written by Marjorie Dawson

Marjorie Dawson, Blogger, Video Maker and Photographer is an established blogger who loves to teach Bloggers about creating their own movies to blow Sponsors away. She also investigates and researches Cat Tech for Dash Kitten blog.

8 thoughts on “Our Visit to San Francisco

  1. Savannah’s mom and dad, and Spitty’s human Mary are the best of the best, and we love them all. How awesome that you got to meet them, too, and spend so much time with them! 🙂

  2. why yes, I do recall that you and Mr Paul did stay with us. You were very considerate given that I allowed you to possess Nana’s Room…that would be MINE. Just sayin’…and you were both so courteous to keep that door open to allow me and TKS access. Big paw hugs for that

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