We are joining today’s blog hop with Brian and his family to celebrate one of our oldest friendships, with our friends Roger and Linda who live in England, and pay tribute to the lovely cat they have lost.

Ruby In Memoriam

Mum was bridesmaid at Linda and Roger’s wedding, which still brings back joyful memories so many years later; and on a visit to England a few years ago, we enjoyed visiting them and catching up. We met Ruby then and it was with great sadness that we heard a few days ago that Ruby had suddenly died in an accident.

Ruby Daetwyler-West

Ruby was as loved, and spoiled as any cat I know and her death has hit her family hard. Linda and Roger have lost a family member and we hope that this tribute can be our memorial to a wonderful cat who meant the world to two of our dearest friends.

The memorial notice below says more than we ever could about the loss of a dearly loved cat who now waits for her mum and dad across the Rainbow Bridge.

Marjorie and Harvey Button
Team Dash Kitten Graphic


11 thoughts on “In Memoriam Ruby Daetwyler-West

  1. We are so very sorry to hear about dear Ruby and we send love and hugs to her special family. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop with this loving tribute.

  2. We are very sorry to learn about your friend ~~~~~~ Godspeed your journey to heaven Ruby

  3. We are always so sad when we read about beloved companions who have gone over the bridge. Ruby was well loved and we send her people and furrends many purrs, much love and strength.
    Marv and Mommy

  4. So sorry you lost a good furend and your friends lost a family member.
    Hugs and Comforting rumbles of Purrs.

  5. What fine tributes by family and also yourself, for a much loved friend, companion and above all, family member. Be at rest sweet Ruby. Always loved and always remembered and dearly missed.
    Gentle purrs

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