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Revisiting ‘In the Nip of Time’

Back in 2015 Savannah the Cat, Nissy from Nerissa’s Life and Silver from the Dash Kitten Crew got together and collaborated on a three part adventure.

The project involved much discussion on Facebook Messenger, exchange of information and the creation of special images for the story ‘In the Nip of Time’. I want to share the special story again as it was such a joy to create and so much fun.

Teamwork discussions, laughter and fun all played a part so I know you will love to read the work of three bloggers having fun. There was a giveaway, and there are links on the other parts of the story for Savannah and our late much-missed friend Nerissa whose blog has been continued to the impish Seville.

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Collaboration Is Creative

Getting together with friends who have blogs to create stories, or collages is a great way to add enjoyment to your blog and a lot of fun. We know our friends the Kitties Blue and Friends Furever are having the best fun every week with magical stories.

In the Nip of Time Part One

Savannah the Cat plots to boost Seville’s sales after a recent book launch (2015). There are toasters that send messages and catnip paper!

Rescued the Cat Book

In the Nip of Time Part Two

Silver from the Dash Kitten Crew is hard at work plotting a break-in at Fitcat the publishing home of the recent Rescued book a collection of dramatic and touching rescue stories that includes some familiar faces. A break-in – isn’t that illegal?

Rescued the Cat Book

In the Nip of Time Part Three

Nissy of Nerissa’s Life faces problems with their paper caper at the publishing house Fitcat. Will he think his way around the rolls of paper before ‘Rescued’ is published?

Dash Kitten Silver Kitten the Business Cat

Is Collaboration Fun?

You bet it is, and if you have an idea it might be worth approaching a few colleagues to see if you can create your own fun adventure or story. Don’t give yourself too tight a deadline, gather your images and have some fun!

'Rescued' from Great Plains Rescue
Image used with permission of A Tonk’s Tail ©

7 thoughts on “Revisiting ‘In the Nip of Time’”

  1. You guys did great adventures together. Stories are the best. Collaboration sure isn’t easy though.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow, I didn’t know that!! Thanks for giving us a revisit. Looks like that was a lot of good fun!


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