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The Quick Cat’s Gift Guide to 2017’s Unique Books

We present our selection of unique books for Christmas gift giving. Our selection of books is quirky, and oddball. Some may be cat themed, others unusual, but the books are always fun. Books can be a personal thing, and we each look for something different, we love paper books, ebooks, and books on mobile ‘phones and tablets! These may be books you will gift to someone you know who likes offbeat young adult fiction. Or those who want something cat orientated that is a bit special, but not on every book store shelf. So, let us present our favourites. We use affiliate links for Amazon reading gifts, and other links to book sites we respect for individual books.  Your Best Unique Books to Gift (or Keep!) for  2017 City the Kitty – Lori Schepler & City This book is the perfect cat lovers’ gift and definitely gives that little bit extra. … Continue reading The Quick Cat’s Gift Guide to 2017’s Unique Books