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If you saw our sneak peek for the giveaway for the New Zealand Cat book in the Sunday Selfies, or found us via our friendly link, welcome! 

Win The New Zealand Cat Book – Giveaway

Christmas is coming and we are thrilled to be able to offer two books and one super special TShirt over the next three weeks. We want to celebrate the successful year we have had at Dash Kitten and the support of our growing readership. NOTE: If you struggle with the Rafflecopter PLEASE let us know in the comments OK? We think we can celebrate our achievements in being nominated not once, but twice, at the BlogPaws® Nose to Nose Awards, at the conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina USA. This is our way of saying a Christmas Thank You to everyone for the support. The New Zealand Cat

Meet ‘The New Zealand Cats’

This cat book was photographed by gifted photographed Rachel Hale-McKenna. The text that enhances it is written by Kristin Davis. You will enjoy their delightful collaboration. Why? The book is a total joy from cover to cover. Each story is linked to lovely pictures that will move you, make you smile or even meow out loud. Wait until you see the antics of some of the Kiwi cats featured.  

“Rachael Hale McKenna is well-known throughout the world for her quirky and delightful images of babies and animals. She has published several books including The French Dog and The French Cat selling millions of copies worldwide. She now lives in New Zealand.”

You will find yourself curling up on the sofa with a drink to browse the parade of talented, calm and quiet, courageous and entertaining cats. Each story is a small bit-sized gem and a moment to treasure.  If you would prefer an ebook. You can buy a copy of the book for Kindle via this (affiliate) link – The New Zealand Cat Book

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The Gift Guide to 2017’s Unique Books

We present our selection of unique books for Christmas gift giving. Our selection of books is quirky, and oddball. Some may be cat themed, others unusual, but the books are always fun.

Books can be a personal thing, and we each look for something different, we love paper books, ebooks, and books on mobile ‘phones and tablets! These may be books you will gift to someone you know who likes offbeat young adult fiction. Or those who want something cat orientated that is a bit special, but not on every book store shelf. So, let us present our favourites.

  • We use affiliate links for Amazon reading gifts, and other links to book sites we respect for individual books. 

Your Best Unique Books to Gift (or Keep!) for  2017

City the Kitty – Lori Schepler & City

This book is the perfect cat lovers’ gift and definitely gives that little bit extra. Good books about cats for adults can be tough to find. But this full colour, hardbound book is packed with glorious and inspiring images. Pet photographers will find Lori’s work an inspiration.  City is a polydactyl ginger dynamo and an amazing model. City himself has pawed the introduction which tells how he captured Lori Schepler’s heart. He also tells of how they fight to end the evil and brutal practice of declawing.

Cats and their fur families will find City irresistible! This is definitely one of the cat books to gift your girlfriend or boyfriend.

The full colour pictures show us City as a laugh out loud comedian. We see a totally breathtaking cat athlete in action! The pictures also show Lori’s superb camera skills as an award winning press photographer as she captures her muse in the vivid and dazzling action often seen on City’s popular Instagram account. You can grab a copy of City’s fabulous book, posters and other gorgeous merchandise on City’s site. City also recommends his favourite toy!

City the Kitty Anti Declawing Chamption

If you already have City’s book, he has also collaborated with Red and Howling. The company has created a range of Tshirts, hoodies and iphone covers. Each gorgeous graphics that get the no declaw message across in the gentlest and most civil manner.  R&H are also on Instagram.

Phoebe’s ViewAs a proud non-declawed cat I support City in his campaign to ban declawing and ensure a humane result for any scratching issues. This book is perfect for human’s, and also anyone aspiring to improve their photographic skills with felines or canines as the subject.

Red and Howling iPhone cover

The Traitor and the Thief  – Gareth Ward

This paperback is also available as a Kindle book for overseas readers. This young adult’s adventure novel is a dive into the steampunk era where Victoriana meets the mechanical world.

The Traitor and the Thief YA Novel

The New Zealand author, Gareth Ward, has created a world you can step into and be surrounded by oddness and excitement. The characters are well defined and the trend towards strongly written female characters rewards us with some inspiring female leads.

A young survivor, Sin, hurtles into a mysterious world with rules, regulations and a range of odd contemporaries. Everyone is enrolled in a mysterious academy.  Who are the heroes and who the villains in this strange world? This takes a while for readers to discover, and many readers (including some adults) will wish themselves part of the Covert Operations Group before the end.

“At Lenheim Palace, Sin learns spy craft while trying not to break the school’s Cast-Iron Rules. Befriended by eccentric Zonda Chubb, together they endeavour to unmask a traitor causing havoc within the palace….”

Silver’s View: As tech editor for the blog I loved this book, it was a journey of thrills and risks, as well as a fair bit of detective work for the hero and heroine. But, who helps and hinders who? Is Sins mysterious friend truly who she says…..

The New Zealand Cat Book – McKenna & Davis

This is the purrfect cat book for gentle browsing at the end of a frantic or busy day. Gorgeous photographs by Rachel Hale McKenna capture the New Zealand cat perfectly. Each kitty story will make you smile and lift your spirits. In a foreword, Rachel introduces the book and Kimberley Davis has written the delightful stories.

Unique Books for Christmas The New Zealand Cat

We think this is one of the classic books you can give as a gift. The hardback book is substantial but, New Zealand Cats can also be purchased as a Kindle edition. Each page brings a new story. Each story and picture brings a new reason to smile.

It is such a pleasure to read about the cats. Thrill to the dramatic story of Simba, smile at Teapot and her unusual buddy, or gasp at Coco the tripod’s tale. The stories will catch your heart.

Miranda’s View: I spent hours looking at this book. I enjoyed it so much. Each cat is a complete character wrapped in gorgeous images and sweet, not too long stories. Perfect for us busy cats to browse though. Highly recommended.

NEVERMOOR The Trials of Morrigan Crow – Jessica Townsend

This book was the subject of a frenetic publishers bidding war! at the publishers’ book fair in Frankfurt. Australian author Jessica Townsend spent a log time writing her book, while she worked in London, before bringing Morrigan and her magical world into our real world to tremendous acclaim. This world is vivid and exciting, mysterious and baffling to us, and the start is positively sinister.

The premise for the book is a creepy one. Morrigan, born at Eventide, is meant to be a cursed child who brings ill-luck to many. As Eventide itself arrives and with it Morrigan’s death, she is kidnapped and whisked to a mysterious place called Nevermoor (based on London). Great you think! But this is just the start, and layer after layer unfolds at a rapid pace.

Morrigan makes friends, and enemies, and more than one character is a puzzle waiting to be revealed. No longer do you have to roll your eyes and play sidekick to a boy all the time – this girl is a strong, exciting and gratifying character to read about in a world of vivid imagination and, before you ask. No, it is not like Harry Potter!

Phoebe’s View: What an adventure, and I could imagine the amazing places because the descirptions were so vivid. There is a magic to Nevermoor the real London might not have I reckon. They are making a movie of this? Cool, I want to be in it!

Fester the Cat – Paul Magrs

Not a new book but a classic that takes you from its first page and rattles you around. We reviewed the book here some time ago and recommend its vivid writing, its love for its subject and the way it picks us up and whisks us to a far away suburb of Manchester is a tribute to the author’s imagination and skill.Fester The Cat by Paul Magrs

It takes you a while to grasp the first chapter which Fester narrates. It is an opening of epic and tragicomic proportions but stay with this. The book is a tribute of joy and love to a cat who was a gift to two people. It tells how he changed their lives and the lives of many around him.  Fester’s world is described with charm, affection and massive amounts of the deepest love that one cat inspired.

  • From when he first ambled into Paul Magrs’s yard—skinny, covered in flea bites, and missing all but one and a half teeth—Fester knew he’d found his family. Paul and his partner, Jeremy, thought it was the ragged black-and-white stray, tired from a rough life on the streets, who was in desperate need of support. But clever Fester knew better……”

Harvey Button’s view: What a book. The opening chapter blew me away and had mum all weepy but beyond that – a total and complete delight. A story with such a rich array of characters I could not put the book down. There is also a second book by Mr Magrs about Fester’s successor Bernard Socks. Another delight with a long detour amongst roofs and other catastrophes. 

Happy shopping and we hope our unique book recommendations help!

Merry Christmas and
Happy Reading
The Dash Kitten Crew
Team Dash Kitten Graphic

The Most Stylish Drinking Fountain For Your Cat

The Raindrop Pet Fountain was supplied to us by Pioneer Pets free of charge. only share news and products we feel are relevant to our readers, because you matter to us. The opinions here are 100% our own and we are responsible for the content of this post. – Harvey Button, Reviewer

As a senior with mild kidney issues myself, clean water is critical for my health and wellbeing, so I am delighted to be reviewing a pet drinking fountain that is very practical and stylish. It could play an important part in encouraging correct hydration for your own fur family too.

Cat Water Fountain

How We Met the Raindrop Drinking Fountain!

Pioneer Pets shared a picture on their Twitter feed from the BlogPaws® Conference and one striking image of the Raindrop was all it took to grab my attention. Like most of you, whatever the season, I love access to a fresh drink of water and this must be the best cat water fountain of 2017!

Let me give you a quick rundown of the fountains highlights that caught my eye:

  • The Raindrop’s super stylish polished Stainless Steel shape
  • The generous capacity of 60 oz. (1.77 litres) of water
  • It’s easy to clean
  • A quiet pump with replaceable Premium Charcoal Filters (changed every 2 to 4 weeks depending on usage)
  • A pet safe low voltage 6’/1.82m power cord
  • Dishwasher friendly.

Setting Up The Raindrop

You will find this stainless steel cat water fountain very easy to put together. There are two stainless steel parts, and a separate filtration motor which is set in an elegant clam shell shaped housing.

When you set up the Raindrop, make sure you position the water pump so that it meets the top of the tear drop opening. This allows the gentle flow of water, and the hushed pump-action, to start working. Our picture below gives you a good idea of the set up.

  • We recommend you have the instruction book nearby to ensure correct placement when you put the Raindrop together for the first time. 

The Raindrop Drinking Fountain

How Will the Raindrop Work for You?

This is definitely a quiet cat water fountain, one of the best we have tried. The only noticeable sound is the gentle movement of the filtered water. This perfectly masks the tiniest of hums from the small motor. Perfect.

Pioneer Pet know their pet parents might find transitioning to a new drinking fountain a challenge, so she initially set up the Raindrop without turning it on. The whole family got used to it as a plain water bowl for several days.

You may find that this slow introduction means your cat(s) will be much less nervous of the Raindrop. I was the first to try the working fountain, which was a surprise for Mum as I am a ‘settled in my ways’ senior. I enjoy drinking from the larger bowl as well as the top where the water bubbles out freshly aerated.

raindrop drinking fountain

Who Would Love the Raindrop Fountain?

  • For the multipet household the generous 60 fl oz capacity lets everyone have a share.
  • Busy pet parents. The Raindrop is easy to clean and we clean ours weekly in five minutes. The motor is easy to clean monthly (Pioneer Pet video.)
  • For anyone with a love of cool design, this is one of the most elegant fountains
  • There is even a large size ceramic model for larger dogs.
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Overall Impressions of the Raindrop Drinking Fountain

Mum fell in love with its clean lines and smooth good looks, and, as no-one wants to spend their precious down time washing up, the fact that this is the easiest to clean cat water fountain out there is a big plus!

Mum also loves the clear instruction manual from Pioneer Pet too. It is comprehensive and covers assembly, installation, cleaning and restarting the fountain after its weekly clean. There is also a section on motor maintenance – showing how easy it is. Any problems contact Pioneer Pets by email.

A Bonus Water Fountain Treat

Check the Dash Kitten Crew’s special Motor and Fliter Assembly Bonus Video. Pioneer Pets are so pleased with it that you will find our video on their site to assist other pet fountain users.

The Raindrop Clamshell Housing Assembly Video from The Dash Kitten Crew on Vimeo.

Where can I get The Raindrop Drinking Fountain?

We would love to know how you keep hydrated during the summer, apart from a Raindrop!

Harvey Button
The Raindrop Reviewer
the raindrop, lifestyle fountain of choice for your cat





Image Credits Envato : Cat: Stokkete; Kitchen: Siraphol; Lounge: Bialasiewicz

The Best Cat Locator TABCAT Helps Find A Missing Kitty

Meet Tabcat Tracker, the ultimate cat locator. Easy to use in ‘real time’.

We received a complimentary Tabcat Tracker set for review. The opinions here are 100% our own and we are responsible for the content of this post. We only share news and products we feel are relevant to our readers and believe us, you will LOVE to hear about the Tabcat!  Affiliate link in post. 

Cats need to be identifiable, and locatable, inside and outside – as much as possible. So let us introduce you to one of the most exciting cat developments we have seen in a long time. For every pet owner who has real cat ‘finding’ issues, the best cat locator – Tabcat is fantastic news.

Cat Locator Tabcat

What is the Tabcat Tracker?

The Tabcat location system is sophisticated technology on a friendly and human scale. This is most definitely not an interactive cat toy, it is a serious piece of safety equipment every pet parent will be interested in for cats who wander.

It is simple to set up, and super easy to use. Check our video for an idea of the dimensions, and a cool sample of cat location! Each tag is linked to the handset by you, and there is room for up to four tags (4 cats or 4 items) on one handset.

The basic set contains:-

  • A slimline Handset. The handset is about the size of a credit card – slender and lightweight. We keep ours by the back door.
  • Two Tags
  • Shower proof Covers for the tags. These also attach the tags to collars.
  • An illustrated User Guide that is easy to use, with an online copy on the website.
  • Note:- Spare tags, and covers are available for a modest extra cost.
Cat Locator Tabcat Tracker Display box

The Tabcat Set Ready for use. Note the four available buttons on the handset – room for four cat tags.

 How a Tabcat Cat Locator Can Help

Here’s an example of when a Tabcat could have saved worry and stress. It’s our experience with our much-loved senior cat Peanut, three years ago.:-

Peanut, (18) went out into the garden, and took a wrong turn. Thankfully the weather was warm BUT when we realised she had gone, we were frantic with worry. Disorientated, Peanut was discovered behind the garage safe and well!  BUT With a Tabcat locator we would have discovered Peanut in less than a minute!

A similar scenario might play out in a multi-level house, or an apartment with several rooms and plenty of hiding places. This lightweight radio frequency tracker is worth its weight in pure top grade catnip.

Cat Locator The TABCAT tracker Back view of cat wearing the tag

Silver wearing his Tabcat Tag fitted to his collar.

Isn’t the Tabcat Homing Tag Big for a Cat?

This was our first question when fitting the tags to Silver, Jack (ginger) and Natasha (tuxedo) who appear in the video. Each has a tag on their collar, and none of them shows any sign of irritation, or even acknowledging the tag is there. It’s business as usual for the cats at Dash Kitten. 

This quote from MyTabCat gives you an idea of how much a cat tracking device should weigh:-

“A study** carried out in New Zealand and published in 2015, looked at the impact of collar-mounted track devices on domestic cats. They recorded cats wearing GPS tracking devices weighing between 30g and 130g, and looked to understand the devices impact behaviour and movement. They concluded that GPS collars on cats; “should be no more than 2% of body mass”. For an average cat weighing 4kg, this equates to 8g. – Tabcat **

A Tabcat Cat Tracker tag is only 6 grams, so a GPS Cat Tracking device at 30g is approximately five times the weight of the Tabcat Tag.  [US weight conversion 4kg – 8.8 pounds approx.]

Cat Locator

How does the Tabcat finder work?

The handset is an RF Tracker this means ‘Radio Frequency’ (2.4ghz). It is very accurate, and sends a direct signal between you and the tag when you operate the handset. This close transmission signal keeps battery use low, so the tag battery lasts a lot longer.

The increased accuracy of radio frequency tracking, to within 2.5cms/1 inch, means the rapid location of a cat trapped in a cupboard or small space. By contrast, GPS devices need charging more often as the device triangulates with at least three satellites 12,000 miles, or 19,000 kms away. 

How Far Can A Cat Tracker Reach?

The tracker signal reaches about 120 metres or 400 feet, and, unlike many GPS units, it can scan through a house or a wall. We have been able to successfully locate Silver and Natasha by standing still, turning on the tracker, and then turning in a slow circle until we find their tag signal, inside and outside our house.

The tracker reaches across neighbouring gardens, through trees and bush. It will not reach through a hill – this is too solid, which seems reasonable to us!

Tabcat Cat Locator Tracker collar and tag

Are we happy with our Tabcat Tracker?

Yes, definitely! The technology is human friendly and easy to use, yet it is amazingly sophisticated. We are so happy we have the Tabcat.  We could not be more impressed, and reassured! The Tabcat is everything you need, for an economical, low maintenance price.

Most importantly for us as cat owners, Tabcat allows our garden loving cats to be located with ease and speed. On a dark night, standing in the garden we can’t see much, but with the Tabcat tracker, the cats become easier to locate. We no longer have to scrabble through flower beds to find a missing fur family member who does not want to come indoors!  

The Cost of the TabCat Cat Locator

  • USA Basic Handset with tags and waterproof cases is $99US
  • UK Tabcat Bundle – including tags and cases £99.99

If you want to find out more about Tabcat – their FAQ’s are here. The Tabcat packaging is also amongst the best we have come across, robust and secure it will keep your tags super safe until they reach you.

We hope you have enjoyed our Tabcat review, and find it as exciting as we do. This is the best cat tracker ever and a worthwhile investment for every cat parent. When we lost Natasha’s collar we able to retrieve it thanks to the handset!

The Dash KittenCrew
Tabcat Tracker fans
Team Dash Kitten





Reference used :- **Weighed down by science: do collar-mounted devices affect domestic cat behaviour and movement? Cayley E. Coughlin and Yolanda van Heezik Department of Zoology, University of Otago, PO Box 56, Dunedin, New Zealand. Published in Wildlife Research 20/03/15.

Our Cool Cat Collar Review

We received a set of collars from the Cool Cat Collars Company for review, and one for our giveaway.  We only share products we feel are relevant to our readers and their feline supervisors. The opinions here are 100% our own and we are responsible for the content of this post. Blog posts take time – we would not spend time on something we did not respect or know you, our readers, will love.

Are you tired of inexpensive but cute ‘cool’ cat collars that last five minutes and begin to fray, or have a fragile quick release mechanism, and a poor quality bell? 

Then let us introduce you to some of the best quality collars we have found, from the best Cool Cat Collars company. We are a fussy bunch here and collars get a lot of active use, so we need quality collars and Cool Cat Collars fit the bill perfectly.  Their Christmas range 2017 is fresh online!

Cat Collar

Who Is The Cool Cat Collar Company?

Meet Kelly Copeland, a successful, cat addicted, British entrepreneur who has a life long love for all things feline; although she began life in a dog family.

When you move out of your parent’s and into your own house most people have something like a cooker or a washing machine at the top of their shopping list, I had a cat at the top of mine.”

Her first business was dog and cat focused with the cat part becoming so successful it became a separate business. When Kelly had her (human) family she stepped back from kitty entrepreneurship for a while, but then started a popular, UK-based, cat lady subscription box, before returning to her first love; cool cat collars and accessories.

Cat Collars Woven and Velvet Collars

Cool Cat Collars – Woven and Velvet Models

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What Can I Get from the Cool Cat Collars Company?

The choice of cool cat collars on the web site is absolutely immense, and there is something for every cat, all over the world. We defy anyone not to find at least three cat collars that will make them meow with pleasure. Fashionistas, Active Dynamos, Sophisticated Cats About Town – be our guest and browse.

Here’s a selection of the collars, so be prepared to be spoiled :-

Happy Shopping everyone, and tell them Dash Kitten sent you.

Miranda Kitten
Cool Cat Collar Reviewer
International Worldwide Pet Blogging