The Cat Drinking Fountain For Your Discerning Feline

The Raindrop Pet Fountain was supplied to us by Pioneer Pets free of charge. only share news and products we feel are relevant to our readers, because you matter to us. The opinions here are 100% our own and we are responsible for the content of this post. Harvey Button, Reviewer

As a senior with mild kidney issues myself, clean water is critical for my health and wellbeing, so I am delighted to be reviewing a pet drinking fountain that is very practical and stylish. It could play an important part in encouraging correct hydration for your own fur family too. Always remember to have sufficient water around your home to allow your cat to drink what it needs.

Cat Water Fountain

Cat feeders and waterers

How We Met the Raindrop Drinking Fountain!

Pioneer Pets shared a picture on their Twitter feed from the BlogPaws® Conference and one striking image of the Raindrop cat drinking fountain was all it took to grab my attention. Like most of you, whatever the season, I love access to a fresh drink of water and this must be the best cat water fountain of the year, and a cat product we are proud to review!

Let me give you a quick rundown of the fountains highlights that caught my eye:

  • The Raindrop’s super stylish polished Stainless Steel shape
  • The generous capacity of 60 oz. (1.77 litres) of water
  • It’s easy to clean
  • A quiet pump with replaceable Premium Charcoal Filters (changed every 2 to 4 weeks depending on usage)
  • A cat safe low voltage 6’/1.82m power cord
  • Dishwasher friendly.

Setting Up The Raindrop

You will find this stainless steel cat water fountain very easy to put together. There are two stainless steel parts, and a separate filtration motor which is set in an elegant clam shell shaped housing.

When you set up the Raindrop, make sure you position the water pump so that it meets the top of the tear drop opening. This allows the gentle flow of water, and the hushed pump-action, to start working. Our picture below gives you a good idea of the set up.

  • We recommend you have the instruction book nearby to ensure correct placement when you put the Raindrop together for the first time. 

The Raindrop Drinking Fountain

How Will the Raindrop Work for You?

This is definitely quiet, one of the best best cat fountains we have tried. The only noticeable sound is the gentle movement of the filtered water. This perfectly masks the tiniest of hums from the small motor.

Pioneer Pet know their pet parents might find transitioning to a new drinking fountain a challenge, so she initially set up the Raindrop without turning it on. The whole family got used to it as a plain water bowl for several days.

You may find that this slow introduction means your cat(s) will be much less nervous of the Raindrop. I was the first to try the working fountain, which was a surprise for Mum as I am a ‘settled in my ways’ senior. I enjoy drinking from the larger bowl as well as the top where the water bubbles out freshly aerated.

raindrop drinking fountain

Who Would Love the Raindrop Fountain?

  • For the multi cat household the generous 60 fl oz capacity lets everyone have a share.
  • Busy pet parents. The Raindrop is easy to clean and we clean ours weekly in five minutes. The motor is easy to clean monthly (Pioneer Pet video.)
  • For anyone with a love for cool design, this is one of the most elegant fountains
  • There is even a large size ceramic model for larger cats and small dogs.
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Overall Impressions of the Raindrop Drinking Fountain

Mum fell in love with its clean lines and smooth good looks, and, as no-one wants to spend their precious snooze time washing up, the fact that this is the easiest to clean cat water fountain out there is a big plus. We cats rely on hydration and sleep for our health and well being.

Mum also loves the clear instruction manual from Pioneer Pet too. It is comprehensive and covers assembly, installation, cleaning and restarting the fountain after its weekly clean. There is also a section on motor maintenance – showing how easy it is. Any problems contact Pioneer Pets by email.

A Bonus Water Fountain Treat

Check the Dash Kitten Crew’s special Motor and Fliter Assembly Bonus Video. Pioneer Pets are so pleased with it that you will find our video on their site to assist other pet fountain users.

The Raindrop Clamshell Housing Assembly Video from The Dash Kitten Crew on Vimeo.

Where can I get The Raindrop Drinking Fountain?

We are Amazon Affiliates and your purchase through us puts a few cents in the Dash Kitten Crew’s Treat Tin!

How do you keep your fur family hydrated during the warmer months?

Harvey Button
Cat Product Reviewer CIC (Cat in Charge)
The Raindrop
the raindrop, lifestyle fountain of choice for your cat






The Mystery of the Missing Cat Collar, Call The Best Cat Locator

Call the Tabcat tracker! We originally received a complimentary Tabcat set from Loc8tor for review. This update and its opinions are 100% our own, and we are responsible for the content of this post. We only share news and products we feel are relevant to our readers. 

The Case of the Missing Collar – a Case for the Tabcat Tracker?

What the heck happened??? OK, Let us tell you the story!

A collar went missing, no big deal you say, except it was outdoors girl Natasha. She was wearing a collar from our friends the Cool Cat Collar Company with a Tabcat tag attached! So, of course, Mum had to go into the garden (Natasha’s stamping ground!) and find it! It turned out to be a useful learning experience, and we thought we would share what we learned while searching for our Tabcat tag. 

Tabcat Tracker collar and tag

On the trail with the Tabcat Tracker!

We knew from our original review of the Tabcat, that it is great to help find a missing feline, but could we find the smaller tag on its own?  Our garden backs on to tree filled bush, and a stream flows beyond it. Not the easiest of places to find a collar and tag, as you can see in the video of Natasha’s playground! It seemed the ideal way to put our Tabcat through its paces ‘in real life’……..

The handset. Each button is for a different cat, or object, you attach a tag to. The showerproof protectors can be seen on the right. Natasha’s had a grey cover.

Tips We learned When Locating a Tag 

Our experience hunting for Natasha’s tag, and finding it, has allowed us to note tips we found helpful. While these refer to our cat, they can alos be applied to any inanimate item you have attached a Tag to.

  • The key is to start calmly and quietly. Take a breath. Scan around you carefully, until you get a signal. 
  • NOTE Be patient, be quiet, and listen to your handset.
  • When you start getting a signal, walk in that direction. Stop and correct if your signal begins to fade.
  • When you reach a full set of lights on the handset, stop and look carefully around. The object of your search is nearby.
  • It took us a few attempts to locate our tag on its own. Why? Because it was not attached to a cat, or other large object!
  • With patient searching, we found our tag and collar. 

If you need a full demonstration of what the Tabcat actually does, check out original video below to see the cat tracker in action. 

Can’t see the video? Click here DashKittenCrew.

There is a difference between doing a well staged ‘demo’ as we did for our review, and genuine ‘in the field’ use. You are not looking for camera angles to make sure readers get a clear message, you are searching in real time for a real object. This is why we took the decision to do a second ‘update’ post on our Tabcat.

We hope you enjoy Natasha’s video, we had a lot of fun making it.

Silver Kitten
Tabcat and Tech Editor

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The Best Cat Locator TABCAT Helps Find A Missing Kitty

Meet Tabcat Tracker, the ultimate cat locator. Easy to use in ‘real time’.

We received a complimentary Tabcat Tracker set for review. The opinions here are 100% our own and we are responsible for the content of this post. We only share news and products we feel are relevant to our readers and believe us, you will LOVE to hear about the Tabcat!  Affiliate link in post. 

Cats need to be identifiable, and locatable, inside and outside – as much as possible. So let us introduce you to one of the most exciting cat developments we have seen in a long time. For every pet owner who has real cat ‘finding’ issues, the best cat locator – Tabcat is fantastic news. We know this is one of our top cat product reviews of the year so please read on.

Cat Locator Tabcat

What is the Tabcat Tracker?

The Tabcat location system is sophisticated technology on a friendly and human scale. This is most definitely not an interactive cat toy, it is a serious piece of safety equipment every pet parent will be interested in for cats who wander.

It is simple to set up, and super easy to use. Check our video for an idea of the dimensions, and a cool sample of cat location! Each tag is linked to the handset by you, and there is room for up to four tags (4 cats or 4 items) on one handset.

The basic set contains:-

  • A slimline Handset. The handset is about the size of a credit card – slender and lightweight. We keep ours by the back door.
  • Two Tags
  • Shower proof Covers for the tags. These also attach the tags to collars.
  • An illustrated User Guide that is easy to use, with an online copy on the website.
  • Note:- Spare tags, and covers are available for a modest extra cost.
Cat Locator Tabcat Tracker Display box

The Tabcat Set Ready for use. Note the four available buttons on the handset – room for four cat tags.

 How a Tabcat Cat Locator Can Help

Here’s an example of when a Tabcat could have saved worry and stress. It’s our experience with our much-loved senior cat Peanut, three years ago.:-

Peanut, (18) went out into the garden, and took a wrong turn. Thankfully the weather was warm BUT when we realised she had gone, we were frantic with worry. Disorientated, Peanut was discovered behind the garage safe and well!  BUT With a Tabcat locator we would have discovered Peanut in less than a minute!

A similar scenario might play out in a multi-level house, or an apartment with several rooms and plenty of hiding places. This lightweight radio frequency tracker is worth its weight in pure top grade catnip.

Cat Locator The TABCAT tracker Back view of cat wearing the tag

Silver wearing his Tabcat Tag fitted to his collar.

Isn’t the Tabcat Homing Tag Big for a Cat?

This was our first question when fitting the tags to Silver, Jack (ginger) and Natasha (tuxedo) who appear in the video. Each has a tag on their collar, and none of them shows any sign of irritation, or even acknowledging the tag is there. It’s business as usual for the cats at Dash Kitten. 

This quote from MyTabCat gives you an idea of how much a cat tracking device should weigh:-

“A study** carried out in New Zealand and published in 2015, looked at the impact of collar-mounted track devices on domestic cats. They recorded cats wearing GPS tracking devices weighing between 30g and 130g, and looked to understand the devices impact behaviour and movement. They concluded that GPS collars on cats; “should be no more than 2% of body mass”. For an average cat weighing 4kg, this equates to 8g. – Tabcat **

A Tabcat Cat Tracker tag is only 6 grams, so a GPS Cat Tracking device at 30g is approximately five times the weight of the Tabcat Tag.  [US weight conversion 4kg – 8.8 pounds approx.]

Cat Locator

How does the Tabcat finder work?

The handset is an RF Tracker this means ‘Radio Frequency’ (2.4ghz). It is very accurate, and sends a direct signal between you and the tag when you operate the handset. This close transmission signal keeps battery use low, so the tag battery lasts a lot longer.

The increased accuracy of radio frequency tracking, to within 2.5cms/1 inch, means the rapid location of a cat trapped in a cupboard or small space. By contrast, GPS devices need charging more often as the device triangulates with at least three satellites 12,000 miles, or 19,000 kms away. 

How Far Can A Cat Tracker Reach?

The tracker signal reaches about 120 metres or 400 feet, and, unlike many GPS units, it can scan through a house or a wall. We have been able to successfully locate Silver and Natasha by standing still, turning on the tracker, and then turning in a slow circle until we find their tag signal, inside and outside our house.

The tracker reaches across neighbouring gardens, through trees and bush. It will not reach through a hill – this is too solid, which seems reasonable to us!

Tabcat Cat Locator Tracker collar and tag

Are we happy with our Tabcat Tracker?

Yes, definitely! The technology is human friendly and easy to use, yet it is amazingly sophisticated. We are so happy we have the Tabcat.  We could not be more impressed, and reassured! The Tabcat is everything you need, for an economical, low maintenance price.

Most importantly for us as cat owners, Tabcat allows our garden loving cats to be located with ease and speed. On a dark night, standing in the garden we can’t see much, but with the Tabcat tracker, the cats become easier to locate. We no longer have to scrabble through flower beds to find a missing fur family member who does not want to come indoors!  

The Cost of the TabCat Cat Locator

If you want to find out more about Tabcat – their FAQ’s are here. The Tabcat packaging is also amongst the best we have come across, robust and secure it will keep your tags super safe until they reach you.

We hope you have enjoyed our Tabcat review, and find it as exciting as we do. This is the best cat tracker ever and a worthwhile investment for every cat parent. When we lost Natasha’s collar we able to retrieve it thanks to the handset!

The Dash KittenCrew
Tabcat Tracker fans
Team Dash Kitten





Reference used :- **Weighed down by science: do collar-mounted devices affect domestic cat behaviour and movement? Cayley E. Coughlin and Yolanda van Heezik Department of Zoology, University of Otago, PO Box 56, Dunedin, New Zealand. Published in Wildlife Research 20/03/15.


The Best Cat Locator TABCAT Helps Find A Missing Cat. Indoor or outdoor cats can go missing. At those scary times you need a super efficient way to find your cat. Meet Tabcat.

The Catipilla on Kickstarter UPDATE

The Catipilla Cat Tree Climbing Frame, for the Indoor, Outdoor, and Catio loving Feline.    

STOP PRESS – Update.

Over the past month, we have been in discussion with a number of external backers who have taken an interest in securing the long-term future of Catipilla. We’re pleased to report that we have now received confirmation of financial backing that will allow us to continue into commercial production as planned. With this news, we have taken the decision to withdraw our Kickstarter Campaign.

We wish to confirm however that we will be honouring the pledges that have been made during this campaign in recognition of your support. Should you still want to have the option of pre-ordering a Catipilla Pro at your pledge price, please email with your name and pledge details, and we will be in touch shortly. 

May we congratulate Catipilla on attracting investment. We are pleased that this innivative and inspired design will come to market for cat lovers everywhere.

We want to introduce you to something exciting, innovative and 100% fun for cats! This is not a sponsored post, we simply love the whole idea, and are proud to introduce the amazing concept to our readers.

The Catipilla is a stylish, lightweight and easy to install, cat activity climbing frame. It was born from a trio of British cat lovers’ experiences with a senior kitty, Smudge, who could no longer make big leaps. Their question? How could they make Smudge’s life easier while keeping her active? This lead to lot of research and product development as the small team worked to make their dreams, and Smudge’s senior wellbeing, a reality.  

  • You know the really fun part? ALL the cats loved the Catipilla, so a serious cat activity concept was born.

Let us explain the Catipilla ‘modular‘ idea to you. Modular means that it can be put together in a lot of different ways, using the basic pieces, or ‘modules’. The Catipilla is fitted how you want it, where you want it. Check out this visualisation of a house interior with Catipilla!

Catipilla design concept for cats

This must be one of the most innovative cat climbing activity centres ever.  See those horizontal grey sections? Those are cat paw-sized and cat width ‘tread plates’ which allow cats to indulge in the activities they love – jumping, climbing and exploring where humans can’t go! The plates have been specifically designed with good grip, and cat safety in mind. Each plate can be attached to the support, or to walls inside, and outside the house.
CatiPilla Tread Plate for Cats

How Big Will The Catipilla Be?

Here’s the basic starter unit, the ‘Catipilla Pro’. Strong aluminium posts form the backbone, and sturdy tread plates allow plenty of length to walk along.  Pet parents can adjust the set up according to the demands of their cats, lifestyle, home and garden. 

Beyond the basic set up, a successful Kickstarter will allow the production of a more substantial ‘perching’ plate, a rain shelter and, the ultimate luxury, a kitty hamock – these can be seen on Pinterest

We made quick list of where the Catipilla could be fitted :-

  • Internal walls, in a variety of arrangements, so cats can negotiate a path through a house above head height.
  • External house, shed, or outbuilding walls, to a window. 
  • To a post or wall in an outside catio, or garden space.
  • Rescue cat activity rooms
  • Anywhere – its BRILLIANT!!

Finally, The Catipilla and Security

We saw a question online that we are including here, as you may ask it too. Isn’t there a security issue with the outdoor frames being used as steps to get into a home?

No way! The steps are specifically designed to take the weight of a cat, definitely not a human! If anything heavier tries to climb on the plate, the plate itself will slide down the column on a security release mechanism.  No-one get access but us cats. 

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The Catipilla Kickstarter is LIVE NOW!

Catipilla on Facebook
Catpilla’s Web site
Close-up details on Pinterest
Check their Instagram feed

We could rattle on for hours, but check out the video to see this amazing cat climbing idea in action. This shows perfectly how great the whole Catipilla idea really is!

Phoebe and Silver
Tech Editor and Spending
Shopping Adviser

Long Haired Kitten posing


Petcube Play The Perfect Cat Monitor

Petcube Play The Perfect Cat Monitor. Keep an eye on your felines from wherever you are. Simple set up, app focused and a lot of fun.

We received a complimentary Petcube Play for review.  We only share news and products we feel are relevant to our readers, because you matter to us. The opinions here are 100% our own and we are responsible for the content of this post. 

Some of the comments we received from  blog readers when we announced our upcoming Petcube Play review.

How is your Petcube Play guys? Is the ‘Play’ bigger? Better?  What does it DO? How does the pet camera work

Carbon Black – Matte Silver – Rose Gold Petcube Play

As soon as word got out we would be reviewing the new home pet monitor, the Petcube Play, questions began rolling in. So, we are excited to bring you our review of the most stylish, modern and easy to use pet cam on the market. Many have read our review of the Petcube Camera and wanted to know more about this one. There was a fight amongst the Dash Kitten Crew for who would write the review. Silver won!

Update News December 2018:

  1. The Petcube Camera, Play and Bites versions, now allow owners to host more than one Petcube camera on their network.
  2. There have also been extensive revisions to the App interface, making it even friendlier, more fun, and even easier to use.
  3. With each development the Petcube people take their device further and further ahead of the field!

Silver’s Petcube Play Pet Cam Report

Hi guys I am reporting on one cool piece of cat technology! The Petcube Play is a fun and useful  piece of equipment for any pet parent! It allows you to keep an eye on your cat or dog, and to communicate by voice if they need reassurance or interaction, while you are away. Even if you are somewhere else in your home, it’s fun to check the Petcube!

meet the Petcube Play and Miranda

Is the Play Bigger? Better?” The Play is lighter and more compact than the classic Petcube home camera, as you can see from the comparison picture I took. It continues the development of stylish design and product enhancement begun by its bigger sibling.  The camera stands a mere 7.5 cms square or 3x3x3 ins and comes with a generous 2.7 metres (9 feet) of cable, allowing you to put the Play at different heights. It’s a compact powerhouse of pet monitor technology and you access it by using the Petcube App on your own smartphone. 

Every smart home needs quality pet monitoring. Click To Tweet PetCube Play Report image

What does the Petcube Play DO?

This was the big question from our readers. Let’s me give you a run down of the major points here:

  • The Play streams your video at 1080p which is very High Definition video. A bit too technical? OK, try this. The BBC, EBU and all major USA channels use HD at 1080, as does a Blu-ray player. It’s that good. It also looks great on your smartphone.
  • There is a really fun laser for you to use when playing with your pet. The laser is certified safe for pets and human use. We have used the laser as a great toy when visiting other Play-mates around the world and feel happy when we are using it.
  • There is clear two-way audio between you and your pet. You can chat on the pet cam from anywhere, although Mum does shut up sometimes!
  • Sound and Motion Alerts This a big reason many people buy a pet monitor. The ‘Alert’ setting triggers a notification to you when there is movement or sound. This is useful if you have a pet you need to keep an eye on – a senior, or a nursing mom, foster kittens or a puppy in a crate. Settings for this are easy to adjust (even for my paws).
  • FUN TIP You can now add a bio for each of your fur family. The Dash Kitten Crew aim to squeeze as many of us on as we can! Let people know who your pets are, it gives them a reason to get in touch with a fellow pup or cat.  
  • Most Petcube Play changes and adjustments are made in the easy to find ‘Camera Settings’ section of the Petcube easy to use app (see our snapshot below). 
  • The recent software upgrade for the Petcube App is impressive and makes this the most competitive pet monitor out there.

Petcube Home Camera Pet Cam

Petcube Play Report – The Special Features

There are some cool special pet cam features that you really need to know about. They take pet monitoring devices to a whole new level!

  • The Night Vision Camera. This is the major update for many cat camera fans, and it is the most fun ever! Not only does it allow you to see your pets during the day, you can keep an eye on them out when they are active during the night. How busy are your cats at night? You may be surprised.
  • FUN TIP Night vision makes your house look really different! Check out our daytime curtains, and the night-time version! Mum wishes we really had white curtains!

PetCube Play Report Day and Night comparison for PetCube camera Coll eh?

Petcube Play Report – CARE a Fantastic Feature!

This is really special! Every user get 4 hours of free CARE video history time. Video is set to record by simple triggers – movement or sound. For the free video it records for four hours, then starts again!

You have the ability to download and save video segments to show friends. The settings are simple to adjust for auto recording, and you can also stop your CARE recording by setting it to ‘sleep‘ at any time.

  • For CARE video – you also have the option to buy more Cloud time, if you need it. Again, for specific purposes, this can be very useful e.g. a sick pet, noting how often a pet moves, monitoring a sick kitten or nursing mom..

We Preview the PetCube Play at Dash Kitten 

The Petcube Community

Finally, we need to mention one thing we really like that the publicity doesn’t spotlight – the growing community of Petcube members. You can see pictures other users have posted, and comment on them via the Petcube app on your smartphone. This is one of the real treats of the Petcube community, as cat cafes, ordinary people, rescues, and vet hospitals all have Petcubes, allowing you a glimpse into another pet world to your own. 

  • NOTE:- Our Original Petcube ‘Camera’ Review was a Finalist in the 2017 BlogPaws® Nose to Nose Awards, the pet industry Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards. See the review here.

The Petcube Play is awesome and you can check out their USA store here so go get that pet cam connected NOW!

Silver Kitten with his
Petcube Play Report

Dash Kitten Silver Kitten the Business Cat