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Rescued – Real Cat Rescue Stories

OK guys, listen up while I tell you about Rescued, the stunning book of real rescue cat stories! Our pal Summer Samba who hosts the Sparklecat blog has been working with her human, Janiss Garza, to assemble a selection of rescue tails to delight and amaze you. We are proud to have joined in the funding for Rescued ourselves.

What makes this truly special is that each cat has a nominated rescue and each month a cat’s chosen rescue will be featured online. We hope to post about each month’s cat ourselves and encourage you throughout the year to buy ‘Rescued’ for birthdays, anniversaries, Gotcher days and pawty prizes.

DashKitten has a strong rescue focus, as you know, so we encourage you to help fund the initial expenses to make sure the rescues get the maximum benefit. Check out the Rescued crowdfunding page here where you can help with as little as $2 or as much as $1,500 – there are some nice rewards to be had too!

Let Summer tell you about the Rescued cats – Part One and Part Two (opens in separate windows).

What are you waiting for?

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