Their Souls Slip Away #RememberMeThursday 2017

Their Souls Slip Away #RememberMeThursday 2017

Their souls slip away like mercury through our fingers. Day after day, worldwide, due to human negligence, ignorance and heartless cruelty. Their shadows walk slowly across our vision and into the great beyond, never to be loved, never to see seen again.

These wisps of memory are the cats of #RememberMeThursday 2017, the ones who didn’t make it. The abandoned and bewildered seniors, the imperfect, the ‘not wanted’s, and the family discards. The cats whose treatment makes a real pet lover’s blood boil in fury. So, let’s get something absolutely straight……..

This is Wrong.

We can ALL Act to Stop This

#RememberMeThursday 2017








As we look at our own fur families around us, we can get a touch of the warm fuzzies. We value our pets and our gratitude knows few boundaries, but, there is something important we need to remember. Our adopted families are the lucky ones. In America alone 2.7 million shelter pets are not so fortunate. They die. Our maths isn’t so hot but that means about 308 every hour of the day and night each year.

Is Anyone Doing ANYthing for Shelter Pets?

People adopting cats from shelters, and foster networks, are playing a big part in removing the need for #RememberMeThursday. BUT we need to see more shelter pets adopted into homes every single day.

The Helen Woodward Animal Centre believes we should and can take action. Please remind your friends when they are next looking for a cat, kitten or puppy, that a shelter pet is the best option.  We are proud to help Place for Cats a foster network in New York and we know that their space on USA adoption network PetFinder is a vital part of their introduction and adoption process, as well as their new web presence.


Place For Cats #RememberMeThursday 2017

The Hidden Side of #RememberMeThursday 2017

Did you know there are also people for whom #RememberMeThursday is happening every single day? In places like New York’s infamous Animal Control, Miami-Dade’s death row, and in hundreds of ‘shelters’ across the world; dozens and dozens of cats and dogs are shared in an online space that might save their lives. The social media spotlight.

Countless volunteers work like demons to share a day’s intake on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. They fight to save pet lives by finding temporary fosters, pledges of funding, and rescues to pull pets to safety. So, the next time a cat appears in your timeline with ‘no time left’, or in ‘desperate need’. Don’t roll your eyes and say ‘poor thing’, SHARE a few! Your share can save a life. A share means hope, and a share gives hope.

#RememberMeThursday 2017

  • These volunteers are at the sharp and bloody end of the fight for shelter pet survival. Sharing ceaselessly, urging followers and friends to pledge so another cat escapes the needle, or the gas chamber.

But….. Maybe You Would Love a Pedigree

If you have set your heart on a specific breed? There are pedigree rescues all over the world. Here’s a few examples, love a Siamese? Try here: USA, or UK; Adore a Maine Coon? Try here: USA, or UK. Contact a rescue, or do an online search. Many rescues have either got a website, or a presence on Twitter and Facebook. Go and find them. Most are happy to help, they will have requirements (home visit, costs inc. vetting and transport costs) they can send to keen rescue pet adopters. Check your local shelter or rescue they might might have the cat of your dreams, all you need to do is get in touch.  #RememberMeThursday 2017

OK How Can We ALL Help?

There are plenty of ways for us all to pitch in and put things right. Little things, big things, LOTS of things. Here’s a few:

  • THINK ‘SHELTER PET’ FIRST. Adopt don’t shop. If you need proof, look at some happy endings!
  • Educate your friends about neutering and spaying. Many organisations offer reduced or free spay/neuter facilities.
  • A family may love its pet but find spay surgery very expensive. Sponsor a spay or neuter! WIN
  • This means there will be fewer pressures on those focusing on Trap Neuter Return of community cats. WIN
  • Remember that a pet is for life, not just until you need to move and it’s inconvenient. If that’s your idea of what a pet is – buy a stuffy. LOSER!
  • Don’t say ‘what can the cat do for me?’. Ask ‘What can I do for the cat?’ Adopt a Cerebellar Hypoplasia aka ‘wobbly’ cat like Sophie, a blind cat like the famous and fearless Homer, or a tripod kitty.

Here in New Zealand we do not have kill shelters and for that we at the Dash Kitten Crew are thankful. Cats have their problems, and their enemies, but kill shelters are not on the agenda. So we join Brian and his family being part of Thankful Thursday. We would like to finish on a really positive note. Our local rescue is Upper Hutt Animal Rescue Society and Mum shot this movie there in Summer 2016. It gives you an insight into a small rescue that loves its cats, and rabbits, and is learning about feral cats too. We are supporting our new cat adoption cafe with its funding kickstarter – what will YOU be doing to help on #RememberMeThursday?

Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew

Team Dash Kitten Graphic




  1. Fabulous post guys and we wish that all anipals had a home and that shelters didn’t exist as there’d be no need fur them….

    *supurr sad ears*

    Basil & Co xox

  2. Oh, my goodness! What feeling decent person wouldn’t fall for Murry and Rainy?!? The whole pedigree thing is a huge pet peeve of mine. A couple years ago, a Facebook page shared the picture of a Savannah breed kitty. Several people commented that if they found a cat that looked like that kitty, they’d have a cat. I lost my temper and gave those people a piece of my mind. I also pointed out that many pedigree pets are abandoned once people realize the unique needs of a breed (remember that Sphinx kitten at last year’s BlogPaws?!?). Stupidity all around. Bear’s just a flipping plain tabby but he saved my life.

    It devastates me to consider so many forgotten lives – so many kitties and doggies who never know love. Humanity fails these beautiful souls time and time again. It makes me angry … then sad … then angry … grrr. LIVES AREN’T DISPOSABLE!!!

  3. This is such a great post! I’m so ashamed of mine that TW threw together in about a half hour. It took longer cause Blogger swallowed the post and we had to start over. I hoe I didn’t fail any of these shelter cats.
    Y’all know my story. The peeps found me on otherwise they probably wouldn’t have even seen me hiding in the back of the cage during the adoption event. I was brought there only cos they were innerested in me and I got there 2 hours late. They could have left before I even arrived. And, yes, in my state shelters can euthanize cats right away. There is no waiting period.

  4. great post two day guys; we hope the remember me thursday message reaches the masses global wide. having been rescued R selve,s we know how important finding that for evers home is; and in this day and age; if someone does want pedigree, all they need do is search ; say for example… rottweiler rescue.. insert hearts XXX

  5. WELL SAID! Every word a truth that folk need to hear understand and act on. For all those selfless folk I know that help, most of them bloggers, I applaud their daily struggle against a tide of lost unwanted and plain in need cats and dogs, who for eat of a loving home find they may be killed.
    If we, meaning everyone did just one thing, helped one life and not necessarily by adoption, then the situation would be so much better.
    An excellent heart felt and informed post.

  6. Such a wonderful heartfelt post. We love and support local and not local shelters on a regular basis. We love adoptions and every critter deserves no less. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

  7. Thanks for informing us all about RememberMeThursday. I love your tribute to those that are present and have gone. Very heartfelt post. I will definitely share and encourage others to adoptdontshop.

  8. Your post teared us up, DK-crew. It’s so heartful and truthful written. We hope all the peeps in the world will take notice about this impawtant message today…and always! Thank you for being a light for them, miss Majorie <3
    Wilbur looks so much like Granny's Angel, if she could she took them all in <3
    Extra Double Pawkisses to you all 🙂 <3 <3 <3

  9. Thank you for bringing some much needed awareness about all of the animals who need rescue. What a blessing you live in a place where animals are given as much time as they need to find their forever family. Your video was fantastic. If I had my choice, I would take sweet Wilbur home in a heartbeat! Will share this for sure!

  10. Your video is great! I think that more people are starting to consider adoption/rescue as a great way to get a pet. We used to want puppies, but after adopting an adult dog, I think my puppy days are way behind me.

    It is heartbreaking that so many animals lose their lives in a shelter, just to make room for the next homeless pet. I don’t think that people understand that if they bring their pet into a shelter that euthanizes animals, their pet sometimes has zero chance of getting out.

    While I hate to see people give up their pets, I know sometimes it is a necessity due to moving into a nursing home or a pet guardian dies, but I wish that the pets would be placed into a no-kill facility!

  11. Great post, Marjorie and Dash Kitten Crew! This serves as a great reminder that there are still so many animals out there that need help, and there are many things that we can ALL do to help! I always do my best to promote the rescue and adoption of special-needs animals, and have adopted several myself. Even still, it’s easy to get lost in our own “world” of blessedness. We can always use a reminder that not everyone is so lucky. Thanks, guys. And thanks for the shoutout too! 🙂

  12. As parents to a dog adopted from a shelter, we always advocate for the same. I do not understand why people need to buy designer breeds and perpetuate this cycle of over breeding and then shelter dumping!

  13. Thankfully pet adoption is active and established here and majority of the shelters/rescues here are no-kill or just about. The county shelter has a very high adoption rate for dogs and their cat statistics are improving as well. We get in a lot of pets from California and other places where their adoption chances aren’t as great.

  14. This is a very educational blog that plants a fervent seed in the mind of the reader to adopt from the shelters and save lives. It is sad to see so many cats have to be confined to a small cage until someone springs them from their jail. I am glad NZ does not choose to kill their pets in shelters. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I wish there was no such thing as a ‘kill’ shelter. Or, the need for shelters, for that matter.
    Educating everyone on the importance of spay/neuter is definitely a start. I will always share, share, share!

  16. I’m SO impressed that NZ does not have any kill shelters – that’s amazing, how do they do it? I really want to know. As a volunteer, although I saw tons of adoptions, the intake is like a giant never ending storm. I always wonder how the few cities that don’t have any kill shelters manage to do it? How do they have enough space, money, adopters, and other resources to keep unadopted pets for so long. I’m always in awe of no kill shelters being able to keep pets for so many months, or even years. Encouraging more and more adoption & rescue is critical, but the root cause of the issue needs to be addressed. WHY do so many pets end up in shelters and how can we stop it, or at least curtail it? That is the question that plagues my mind all the time. Thanks for mentioning that there is a rescue for nearly every breed of dog or cat out there & encouraging people to search for them! Your video is awesome, I’ve told you that already – you are awesome as well, friend!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  17. One of my Grand Father’s best friends set up the SPCA in Calgary when I was a child. This began a life long commitment for me, so for me, adoption from shelters is the only way to go. Every pet I have lived with has been a rescue (except for Cinnamon, but that is another story).
    Yes, Penelope was a purebred. She was a rescue. She came from a breeder who could not use her as a show cat or breed her because she was born with feline herpes. She was sold to a couple who wanted to breed her for kittens and sell the kittens. Alas, the couple had never had a cat and mistreated Nellie badly. When we rescued her, she was deemed “adoptable” and was to be euthanized that day.
    It took 9 months of love, patience and many scratches and bites, before Nellie would let me pet her, and another 2 years before I could hold her. She eventually become a loving and feisty cat!
    Most recently, I adopted Marvelous, a rescue from Iran, who has his own story that you recounted here.
    This cause is dear to my heart and I do all that I can to support the wonderful places that try to make these animals lives better.
    Thank you for your spot light and well crafted article.
    Barb (Marv’s Mom)

  18. Love this post and this day of remembrance and education. I love the “buy a stuffy! Loser!” part the best! lol so true. I’m so glad to hear that kill shelters aren’t an issue where you live. Here in the US, even moreso in the South, SO many animals are killed everyday in our shelters, and unfortunately way too often it’s done inhumanely. We still have gas chambers and heart sticks. If you don’t know what that is, don’t look it up. It’s terrible. Spaying, neutering, and thoughtful, researched adoption, along with VERY strict, responsible breeding, is the only way to help our pet overpopulation problems and save countless lives.

  19. All my cats have come from shelters/adoption centres.
    I love “what can the cat do for me?’. Ask ‘What can I do for the cat?”
    But I will answer what can the cat do for me- they can and do give me years of unconditional love!

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