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Reading Across America in Pictures

I am using my recently discovered portrait of Dash Kitten as the theme for today’s post.

Prompted by the nationwide campaign to ‘Read Across America’ I want you to ‘turn on the light in the attic‘, blow away the cobwebs and enhance your learning (June @ Zoolatry) and I am including an list of inspiring books and articles that are camera related as well as some cosy reading material to help you relax.

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Whether 8-months, 8-years or 80 years, or anywhere in between from books we go to places we might never otherwise travel ~ we learn that we may never otherwise be taught ~ we find answers to questions we may have not voiced aloud. 

June at Zoolatry

Read Across America – Read Across the World

Let me explain how I have managed to combine my love of books and photography into one post. Yeah, I know you are wondering about that.

First, you may remember my discovery of an old cat photograph of Dash Kitten. This touching cat portrait is inspiring me to create a series of images as themes arise.

If you check the older post you will see an image which reflects on the theme of time as it passes and the memories that remain in our hearts of the cats we love. This week Dash appears from the darkness and shows that books lead us to a brighter future.

Read Across America 2024

Today’s Dash Kitten Portrait

No camera settings as the image is from an old compact but the instructions for the layering technique (which is not hard) can be found here in a short and fun post.

Books may change their ‘clothes’ and become ebooks, comics or ilustrated stories but they spread knowledge to every corner of the globe. Every book should be available to be read by everyone.

Dash Kitten Reading

These books are mostly photography themed and will help you boost your camera skills but you can enjoy a relaxing read with my favourite cosy mystery authors too.

One Essential Book for Photographers This small and portable book by Henry Caroll is packed with sensible and honest advice for anyone who has a mirrorless or DSLR camera. His opinion on camera modes and not starting with ‘manual’ made me cheer. I dip into my copy at least once every week.

Ghost Cat Mysteries Some of my favourite cosy mystery writers are members of the Cat Writers’ Assocation. They include Mollie Hunt whose series I spotlight here. I like my cosies grounded in reality and Mollie writes relateable characters (and mysterious cats). Debbie deLouise writes about Buttercup Bend (which I would love to visit).

Purrseverance – ‘Inspiring stories of Cat Resilience and Hope‘ is available to pre-order for Kindle readers or those who love a papeback. I am hosting a giveaway to celebrate Harvey’s inclusion but you can preorder a copy on Amazon. Yes I wrote about this before, I make no excuses for adding a book I know you must not miss!

How to Plot a Book OK What is THIS doing here? Let me explain. Many people who love to read, would also love to write a story for others to read. They are unsure where to start and I discovered something that could inspire you to start. When I write my own cosy mystery I will try this. It’s called the ‘snowflake method‘. It sounds a bit odd but if you read the excellent how-to on Jericho Writers it gives you a way to take those first important steps.

6 thoughts on “Reading Across America in Pictures”

  1. Love the photo of Dash, and also, I love reading and books! Mollie Hunt and Debbie De Louise are two of my favorite cozy mystery writers, too!

  2. What a purrfect portrait of Dash to celebrate Read Across America. The layering is wonderful, and it’s true that books and reading can lead to a brighter future. XO

  3. Hooray for reading, each and every day. Love that photo of Dash! Hey, come meet our newbie, yes, another one LOL!


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