Middle-Earth Monday Pukaha Mount Bruce

Middle-Earth Monday Pukaha Mount Bruce

Middle-Earth Monday takes you to the wonderful magic of Pukaha Mount Bruce, a sanctuary and wildlife reserve where, if you don’t rush, you will unearth a paw full of treasures that make New Zealand special.

The Visitors Centre Pukaha Mount Bruce

Two hours from Wellington, on the North Island of New Zealand (directions) the centre allows you to wander on marked trails past aviaries of special birds, open bush where birds call, past longfin eels (Anquilla dieffenbachii) and, most special of all – you can visit the Kiwi House where the white Kiwi Manukura lives where, if you are lucky, a Kiwi egg nearby may hatch!

The sign says :- (obscured).. chick is breathing air and can vocalise. Watch and you may see it rocking! Expected to catch with 5/7 days

Recent good news includes an increase in the population of the endangered Kokako (sound link). There are less than 400 pairs of these amazing birds (lower numbers puts the gene pool at risk). So a recent survey reporting their establishment in the Pukaha Forest is good news indeed.

The rare Kokako is safe at Pukaha Mount Bruce

It is vitally important to pace yourself, to listen quietly, to see and hear the many birds. We discovered that it is so easy to rush, which startles the birds – so a visitor risks seeing nothing.  We took our walk slower than most and, as a result, were blessed with seeing and hearing unfamiliar wildlife. We also discovered some visitors from the USA, a grove of American Redwoods, so our USA visitors will feel at home!

Redwoods, a long way from home.

Now, can we find out what Savvy is up to?

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