We made a special friend, some time ago, her name is Precious, and she was incredibly lucky to find her forever home with Brian Frum and his family. Heavens!! It seems like yesterday we were sharing, appealing and begging for someone to give her a home but Precious found a place in the hearts of Brian’s family and she has been blessed.

She is not very well at the moment, at 14 she is a little unsteady but Precious has such fighting spirit, and is such a wonderful cat, that we want to honour her right here, and right now, and thank Brian’s family, including Dad Terry, for being so wonderful for all the time Precious has been there. We have nevr forgotten their kindness and continue to help share Brian’s appeals for lovely cats needing homes.

Precious means a lot to her family, and to us at Dash Kitten. Please, pop over and say hello she will love hearing from you. Go give Precious a virtual hug and a smile to celebrate all of those you love worldwide.

Marjorie, Harvey, Miranda, Silver, Phoebe and Dusty.

Thank you Ann at Zoolatry for the lovely graphic too!









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