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Posting on Instagram A Beginners Guide

My review of photo book 52 Assignments got an excellent response and I am some of the projects over the coming months. The first 52 Assignments project is a short introduction to effective posting on Instagram. Join me as I explore the book, and see how you can improve your skills too.

I am sure many of us have posted on the platform but not done it in such a structured and disciplined way. If you feel you are confident then you might want to see the insights Adam Juniper brings to setting up a photo post so that it is interesting and effective and reaches all the right people.

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Photo Assignment No. 1

Using the steps provided in the book is useful because it gives you some idea of how your own image will look and if you like the results. After trying the recommended steps you can try other options in the editing panel. This is great because the samples give you an idea of possible results with your own images.

I decided to open a new Instagram account for my 52 Assignments, and a few other images inspired by the book. You will find the first images at DashKittenPhotos over the next few days and weeks.

How Did I Do With the #52Assignments Project?

This is a very basic “How-To” and it is great for the beginner to gain confidence. I spent most of my time time checking for the best photo and trying out some of the tools in the ‘Edit’ function. This sits beside the filters see the photo below.

Posting on Instagram A Beginners Guide
Easy Filters (Left) Edit Tools (Right)

You are discovering new things to try with every step and if you don’t like the results press Cancel. For the social media newcomer the short text tips will encourage you to spend time working on your image before you post it.

Your Style For Instagram #52Assignments

Your style will evolve over time so don’t expect to blow everyone away from the start. The 52 Assignments bookis a useful and easy to read guide to help you grow and develop your personal look or ‘brand’. You flex your design muscles and develop your skills over time and have fun along the way.

Presentation on Instagram Matters

As you gain experience you will find some filters and tools suit how you like to present your images. If you are not sure, here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  • Does you cat look great in natural light? Take a photo and then try a few edits that enhance coat or eye colour.
  • Do you love monochrome, either remove the colour before you begin to post to Instagram or,
  • experiment with one of the many Instagram filters.
  • Have you tried the *Vignette, or the Tilt Shift Tool**? If you are not sure if you like the results, press cancel.
Posting on Instagram A Beginners Guide with a tabby cat posing

How Did I get the effects I used in Toulouse’s curled pose?

  • I adjusted the brightness and ‘pinch zoomed’ so that he filled the square. I pressed ‘Done’. I return to the edit menu after each step.
  • I then added warmth to the image.
  • As a final touch I experiments with the Tilt Shift option which lets you move the sharp focus of the image anywhere you like. I moved it to Toulouse’s face.

Summary of Instagram #52Assignments No. 1

You learn that consistent good practices will help you become a better poster on Instagram and help you find your style more easily because you adopt good habits from the start.

See you on the Assignment No. 2 page which is all about filters and don’t forget

  • All the assignment posts are collected here
Posting on Instagram using a black and white photo of a building
Monochrome shot cropped in Instagram. Location added. ©

Instagram Photo Resources

  • **Tilt Shift – This is a comprehensive How-To.
  • What is *Vignetting? “Vignetting, also known as “light fall-off” (sometimes spelled “light falloff”) is common in optics and photography, which in simple terms means darkening of image corners when compared to the center.” Photography Life
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11 thoughts on “Posting on Instagram A Beginners Guide”

  1. I just followed your new Instagram account, it looks great! I know I’m going to learn a lot about Instagram by reading your posts.

    • Thnk you Beth, it is going to be a valuable earning experience (although I might not be able to manage the ‘drone’ project!

  2. Your new Instagram is looking great so far! Good luck as you continue to go through the challenges.

  3. It looks like this challenge is doing a great job of encouraging you to try new things. I use the Lightroom app for most of my editing, which means that I haven’t really explored the options available right in the Instagram app. I think I’m going to experiment a bit and check it out!

  4. Wonderful piece – just love how Toulouse looks so natural and yet so stunning! You’ve made such great strides with your photography. I’m really going to work on this in 2021 – I’ll likely come to you for tips and reread a lot of your blogs (they are full of great info)!

  5. These are wonderful shots Marjorie. You’ve become such an accomplished photographer over the last couple of years! My Instagram doesn’t have much of a rhyme or reason LOL! I try to do as many outdoor shots as I can, they come out so much better. I always struggle with lighting – it’s my biggest issue.
    Love & Biscuits
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  6. Awesome job! We love the photo of Toulouse. And yes, we have used vignetting and tilt shift. They are cool, aren’t they?

  7. What an excellent shot and thanks for explaining how you got it to look so excellent! And thanks for your great comments about Marv’s Opine on Feline Opines! He is quite please with himself now! Have a marvellously Happy Day!

  8. Fascinating! Love the photo of Toulouse! I’ve thought of joining Instagram but don’t have the time for it.

  9. That’s a wonderful photo! I know you work hard at it but you sure make wonderful photos look easy! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


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