Photograph of a White Cat

Check out Harvey’s white cat portrait, I am so pleased, even though it’s not perfect. I love learning about camera settings it’s a lot of fun and so inspiring.

I am developing a series on my DSLR camera for Beginners which I hope everyone will enjoy. I aim to make it fun not stuffy and boring. At best the pictures will get better and if I report a fail then we can laugh and learn together.

Learning About Camera Settings

I love Harvey so honouring him with the best pictures I can create really matters to me. He is the perfect model.

Harvey Full Face Aperture Priority Shot
Harvey Full Face Aperture Priority Shot

Puzzling out ‘Av Mode’ on my Canon

I am pleased with this picture. It is my first try at using Aperture Priority. This is Av on my Canon. It may be an A on your DSLR if you have another type of camera.

At the moment I can see that Av mode allows me to zoom in on a face or close item, and have a softly fuzzy background that frames it perfectly, but I will need to explore this further in another post.

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  1. Aperature priority just means that you are setting the aperature (f-stop) and letting the camera choose all the other settings. The lower the number on your aperature like f1.8 or f28 will let in the most light and have a narrower depth of focus. So, your subject will be in focus, but the focus will drop off quickly and become blurry.


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