Ernst Plischke Staircase

Plischke Staircase at Parson Bookshop

Ernst Plischke Staircase – a Wellington architectural Landmark.

In Wellington the long-established bookshop Parsons recently closed after 66 years in business, the family running it want to spend time with their family, so they had a massive sale in their wonderful shop and closed with a ‘bang’!

Modernist architect Ernst Plischke designed the shop, including this wonderful staircase.

The Plischke Staircase at Parsons

 Plischke Staircast

A brief background to Ernst Plischke

When Plischke arrived in New Zealand in 1939 with his wife Anna, he was already known in architectural circles to be at the forefront of modernist design.[citation needed] He began working for the Ministry of Housing on projects such as the Dixon St Flats. From 1943–47 he worked for the Department of Town Planning producing work in areas including: Naenae, Trentham, Tamaki and Mangakino. He also completed private work during this time, including the Frankl House in Christchurch.

Plischke and his family struggled to integrate into New Zealand society, due to prejudices against their nationality at the time. Plischke found it harder to be accepted by New Zealand architects. He felt he was already a fully qualified architect and internationally renowned, and so wasn’t prepared to take examinations to become a registered architect with the New Zealand Institute of Architects. – Wikipedia

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