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Photoshop Camera App It’s the Cat’s Meow!

There are a lot of smartphone apps that create filters. One of the most eye opening is the Photoshop Camera App (PsCam). Let me tell you how it can make your photos catch everyone’s eye.

This image editing smartphone app works on most modern iOS and Android smartphones and uses an AI (artificial intelligence) called Sensei to help adjust your photographs. The AI will suggest appropriate filters for you although you can change them especially if you want to explore.

Photoshop Camera App sample image with cat
Smiley Lens which uses Layers © Dash Kitten

Start using the App 

Download the app from Google or the App Store.

Tap the icon on your phone screen and you are camera ready. The icon is a black rounded square with Ps inside a circle and Photoshop Camera underneath.

From here you can either take a photo or tap the tiny photo (bottom right on your screen). This opens to let you select an image from your photo library. If you are like me there are plenty of cat photos to choose from.

Photo Shop Camera App 'Galaxy'.
To add a lens tap download
Photoshop Camera Lens Galaxy
Image Result

Photoshop Camera App User Guide

If you don’t know where to start, there is an online guide, available in 11 different languages. It also lets you know which smartphones are able to use Photoshop Camera.

In the manual there is a lot of easy to read information about using the app. This is useful if you want to review the app and its structure before you start.

Photoshop Camera
Pop Colour Lens
Photoshop Camera Pop Art Filter
Pop Art’ Effect on Natasha

Have Fun with Photoshop Camera

I recommend that you download and explore the app to become familiar with the functions. Be prepared for some crazy, silly and breathtaking filter effects while you play around.

If you have images you would love to give the PsCam treatment to, import them into the app from your photo library. You don’t have to use photos you take within the app. You can then have fun experimenting to discover the most effective ‘lenses’.

Here’s a snapshot showing the Manage Lenses page. You can drag to reorder the lenses so that your favourite ones are at the top.

Menu for Manage Lenses in Photoshop Camera
Drag and drop to reorder lenses

Image Quality in Photoshop Camera App

Your aim with this app is to dazzle your social media friends and have a lot of fun. This means that for speed and uploading the quality of your image is compressed. Detail can be lost so that your image fits nicely on Instagram or Twitter.

If you want to preserve a higher resolution you will need to keep a higher resolution copy. You need to do this if you want to print off a special image or print a t-shirt:

  • Go to Settings – three dots
  • Tap the Cog (Gear) icon
  • Open Preferences
  • Switch on ‘Save Original to Camera Roll’. 

When you take a photo you can then check your album and you will see 2 copes of your photo. 1 will be low resolution and one higher resolution.

As an alternative. You can use another app that keeps higher resolution images, or import photos from your standalone DSLR or Compact. 

Lens Recommendations

There are dozens of fantastic lenses and I enclose a list of some of the more amazing ones further down this post. Lenses can subtly or radically change your image depending on the effect you want or the impression you want to make. Portrait lenses can make restrained adjustments and each filter has several options.

I am still exploring the effects but adore the drama of Galaxy and Blue Skies. Check out the two different cloud effects from a landscape image I have used on the blog. You can see how the lenses are arranged along the bottom so you can swipe them left or right to find more.

  • When you start, work with simpler images to get familiar with ‘what works’ in the app.
Photoshop Camera Sky  Lens
Sky and scenery Ps Camera

Top Photoshop Camera Tips

  1. There are dozens of extravagant filters. These lenses are instantly downloadable.
  2. PsCam supports multiple camera lenses. Check your manual to maximise the use of your own smartphone camera.
  3. Keep your first images simple and clean so you can see how filters affect them. Try a single image of a single cat.
  4. PsCam can be used on an iPad but smartphones are recommended. If you have an iPad, go ahead and give it a try!
  5. You can crop images before you post them to social media.
  6. Grab more attention for your cat photos with the hashtag #PhotoshopCamera.
  7. Some of the filters have layers and you can edit individual elements like the stars in this image.
Cat in Photoshop Camera
Layer menu symbol
Layer menu symbol

Photoshop Camera Image File Support

Adobe says that the app supports the following formats: 

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • Static GIFs
  • HEIC
  • Limited support for CR2, DNG, ARW and TIFF

I am not familiar with all of the formats supported but JPEG is what most of us use, especially for social media. If you don’t recognise others you don’t need them right now.

Photoshop Camera Application Cyanotype

Amazing Photoshop Camera Lenses

For Portraits:

  • With Love
  • Grit
  • Studio Light
  • Glam
  • Portrait

For Scenery:

  • Ambient Skies
  • Night Shift
  • Blue Skies

Film Effects

  • Cyanotype (blue hues)
  • Vintage
  • Pop Colour

Artistic Inspiration

  • Teklan (hide in surreal architecture)
  • Artful
  • Supersize

Finally! Why not let me know which lens appeals to you most. Would you go subtle or theatrical? Do you have a favourite lens from the ones I have shown you here?

Data Management Tip 

For those on limited data plans. It might be worth turning off your cellular usage in ‘Settings’. Look for the Settings cog. 

You access Settings wherever you see the three dots at the top of the screen. Here you can access a Timer, Flash, Settings and two image sizes 9:16 and the smaller 3:4.

13 thoughts on “Photoshop Camera App It’s the Cat’s Meow!”

  1. How fun. So good to let people know about this. I never leave a single image alone without playing with it.

  2. Very informative tutorial. I have several photo apps on my phone, but will definitely look into this one.

  3. I love this tutorial! It is very informative and you go step-by-step which is exactly what I need plus your visual examples are excellent. I’m the type of person that can do much better with a photo or a picture to learn something. With your own photo examples, I was able to understand better. I went ahead and got the app, and as you mentioned, newbies like myself should take any of their photos and start using different filters to get the feel for what the app has to offer.
    Thank you for taking the time to do this tutorial because it must have taken quite a long time to write it down with examples and all.

    Hope to see more of these tutorials from you!

    Tessie (AngelSmokey8, Peekaboo and Kitten 🐈‍⬛ Onyx)

  4. This was really interesting to read. I have a few different photo editing apps on my phone but this is one that I haven’t had the opportunity to play with yet. It’s incredible to see the difference with modern technology, isn’t it? The shift from when we were all using film cameras to the availability of high-quality cameras and editing apps on our phones never fails to blow me away. I’m definitely going to check this one out!

  5. Oh my! I’ll have to check out this photoshop camera app on my phone I’m usually not a fan of messing with filters too much but you have me intrigued. I like that there are not only multiple filters but also lens options too. And thanks for the tip on saving data in the settings area. I always forget.

  6. I think I have that already on my iPad…but I have hardly ever used it, since I seem to prefer working on the regular computer instead, as it serves my purposes better. Its hard to ‘cut’ things out to paste them elsewhere unless you are on the GIMP or similar.

    But it would be fun just to play with a picture for its own sake.

  7. How cool! Some of those filters look really interesting. I use Photoshop on my computer but have never tried the camera app. I’ll have to check it out – thanks!


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