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Photographing Our Flax Plant

Photographing Our Flax Plant

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We are joining the Christmas week Thursday blog hop with Brian by celebrating some lovely weather and the flowering of a flax plant in our garden here in New Zealand. This is the last Thankful Thursday of 2018 can you believe it?

Our Summer Flax Plant

We transferred a small flax plant three years ago from a cramped corner to a more open area. It has flourished and has been sending up lots of leaves, but no flowers, until now.

Flax Bush Summer 2018

The flowers are on stems that have reached three metres (10 feet approx.) in height. These flowers are popular with the native birds and this year is a bumper year with flax flowering all over our part of New Zealand.

I was able to photograph the flax flowers closeup using my new camera. The flowers are a fiery orange/red and really glow. The flowers turn into green seed pods after a few weeks.

Flax Blossom Summer 2018

Have a great summer, or winter if you are further north! Thank you for visiting us as part of the hop. The weather is warm and sunny here and the beach beckons!

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5 thoughts on “Photographing Our Flax Plant”

  1. We love the size and flowers on this plant. Reminds us of the iris family though I do not think they are related. I bet the birds will love the seeds to this too.


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