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Phoebe’s Epic Yawn is Feline Good

Sometimes, if you are in the right place at the right time you will be taking photographs and your cat will suddenly let loose an epic yawn!

You need to be ready and have your wits about you. Shoot with burst or continuous shooting mode, and keep your camera or smartphone steady to grab a feline good selfie.

You will be rewarded by a photograph like this one of Phoebe. Isn’t this priceless? If you click the image you may be able to expand it (which is a new thing I am trying out in WordPress!)

There were about a dozen shots that looked like they might be cute and this was the best of those. I enclose the camera settings below.

I blogged with tips about fierce and yawning cats here.

To enable burst mode, you’ll need to find the setting where it’s located. Different devices have burst mode settings in various places, but it’s usually located within the camera app settings. You may need to scroll through the settings to find it.


One important tip for you. When you create a collection of burst photos they take up a lot of space on your digital card or smartphone.

Top tip: Take time to review your photos when you can and delete the images you don’t need.You will quickly see which images are not quite right, where you definitely didn’t capture a yawn.

Phoebe’s Yawn Settings (DSLR)

  • ISO 200
  • 50 mm lens
  • f2.2
  • 1/125

I have started off 2024 with my 50mm lens on my camera. I am curious to see if it presents any challenges when I use it in places and at times I don’t usually have it fitted to my camera.

Finally, have you kept your wits about you and succeeded capturing a fun feline selfie? Let me know in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Phoebe’s Epic Yawn is Feline Good”

  1. Love it!

    Is burst the same as live?? I can ‘t delete the individual frames, but I can decdie to make it a
    ‘still’ image after I sort out the best one.

    • Burst and live both allow you to select an individual frame. Live only does a limited number but burst can take a longer sequence of images.

  2. A lovely and crisp, fun photograph.
    We always used a 50mm lens as a standard on trips out and carried a zoom for wildlife and wide for country shots. Funny how things – preferences – change over the years.

  3. Oh, we LOVE this capture of Phoebe! Had you not told us it was of her yawning, we would have guessed she was singing. XO


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