Buster's Winter Folly

Buster’s Winter Folly Book Review

Hi guys, Phoebe here, I have been allowed to host the Middle-Earth Monday Book Review ‘Buster’s Winter Folly’ as I am the youngest in the family. {Affiliate Link}

Buster’s Winter Folly

Kristin Schumacher had a dream of paying tribute to her cat Buster, who has quite a story.  His origins inspired Buster’s Winter Folly and we wanted to support this campaign from the start. We were delighted when Kristin Schumacher’s Kickstarter campaign achieved its goal.

  • Kristin says “It’s a story about how to take care of pets, without lecturing, a story about how to find a lost pet, and a story from Buster’s prospective about bullying and learning a lesson about going out without a guardian, or a friend, or identification or telling someone
Buster's Winter Folly
Buster [Photo Kristin Schumacher]
Buster became a much loved member of Kristin’s family, and even ended up wearing a little sweater (see the Kickstarter page for that story). Here she describes his arrival :-

He came to me after I had rescued 15 cats from the Katrina disaster and found them foster homes. I had worked in rescue in different capacities but this took its toll on me and I stepped back from rescue for a bit.  Then Buster’s photo came across my desk.  Weighing in at 4 lbs, missing a front canine, a broken tail, bad hips like he had been hit by a car or kicked, he looked in worse shape than any of the Katrina cats that came to Vancouver.  AND HE LIVED IN THE STREETS OF VANCOUVER AND NO ONE CARED.

 Buster's Winter Folly [Drawings Jeffery Austin Gibson]
Buster’s Winter Folly [Drawings Jeffery Austin Gibson]

Reivew of Buster’s Winter Folly

‘Buster’s Winter Folly’ is a lovely story, full of bright and engaging illustrations. Its soft cover makes it portable, and it is perfect for reading together with youngsters, or a grown up needing that happy ending. There is much for kids and their adults to think about; there is tension; Buster is discovered abandoned 🙁 then he finds a home. There is worry; he gets lost then he gets found again. We think that the vibrant images of Jeffery Austin Gibson delight the eye and Kristin’s story makes this a real paw turner.


Phoebe Kitten
Book Reviewer
Phoebe the kitten cat from Dash Kitten





Phoebe reads Buster's Winter Folly
Phoebe reads Buster’s Winter Folly


23 thoughts on “Buster’s Winter Folly Book Review

  1. ello aunty *hugs* plees entah mee fur th luffly book draw.. i haf downated on nipclub in orgust nd is on yur mailin list 🙂


  2. What a fantastic sounding book! And what a great idea for a prize! Someone will be very lucky to get that book and love it for years and years to come!

  3. Dear Phoebe, That is a wonderful review of what sounds like a terrific book, especially since it is a book about CATS. I would love to enter your Give-Away Raffle. So this is my comment, =^..^=
    We are on your mailing list, 🙂 We have donated to #NipClub for August, and have done so for SpookyShorty in the past.

    So we have #PawsCrossed to have such a wonderful book about Buster on our bookshelf. Of course there still has to be room for me to lay on the shelf.

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