Health Care for Cats in Pet Wellness Month

Health Care for Cats in Pet Wellness Month

October is Pet Wellness Month. Dusty here, welcome to our post centring on healthcare for cats.

We include here a selection of our most helpful posts. We are sharing unexpected, fun or sometimes traumatic events and the valuable lessons we learned from them, in the hope you too might learn something that saves a cat life.

The cats here at Dash Kitten cover a wide range of ages from young to seniors, so previous experience has meant we have some great stuff to share that you might have missed! We have a few things to guide us on our cat health adventure. General health symptoms checkers in books, and our experience.

One word of advice – no list of cat disease or medical conditions can replace the care of a veterinarian. If you are unsure, or in any doubt about a course of action, get to the vet. Cats need vet care. Do not ask ‘how to treat a sick cat without going to the vet’ you can cause considerable suffering to your pet. Get to the Vet!

Cute Duckling sat in rescue crate

Pet Wellness – It’s All About The Animals

Our adventures when we encountered an orphan duckling in our back garden are so much fun and we learned a lot about handling wildlife. We all see ducks, but how much do you really know about them?

The Duckling Drama Finding a struggling tiny lost duckling taught us a lot about the species and what you can and can’t do, and our video for for the post earned us a Finalist place in the BlogPaws® Nose to Nose Awards this year.

Change a Pet’s Life Day – We can all change a pet’s life day every day by adopting, fostering and not shopping at puppy farm pet shops. Here are our valuable tips.

Pet Wellness – OK Some of it IS about the Cats

Drama with Dusty Sometimes things happen on the worst possible day of the year. You feel something is wrong but you think your fur kid has settled down again, only to find it takes a serious turn that needs action NOW.

Harvey Hogs the Drama Limelight – A wound that would not heal. A sudden vet visit, and we share the important things we learned.

Lilies Kill Cats – A lovely flower that kills. One of the most critical of feline topics is what to do if your cat does ingest lily pollen.

Dusty the Cat

Take Your Cat To The Vet Day – Are vets the same worldwide? Just what does a vet do during a check up? We discovered what vets do and why in this essential post.

Harvey’s Ear Surgery – His previous life as a stray had left Harvey at risk from skin cancer on his ear tips. We recorded our experiences so that anyone else with a cat (or dog) undergoing a partial pinectomy (ear tip removal), can read how coped with the experience.

Mr Puffy Face – When a pet develops a sudden allergy what the heck do you do?

Always Be Conscious of Pet Wellness

We need to remember that our pets need regular vet visits every year, and every six months for a senior.

Not every vet visit is a cause for drama and worry. Nine out of ten visits will be for wellness checks and injections. We hope you can look on your vet as a valued colleague in your pet welfare programme. Never be afraid of the vet, and if you feel nervous, write down any questions before you go to the surgery.

Dusty Cat
Pet Wellness Correspondence

Dusty the Cat

  1. Great round up and I love how you linked to all of the other posts. You are right about not being nervous about seeking the care of a veterinarian. So often I think people put that off until it’s too late or when medicine or therapy is less effective. Your vet should be your partner in the the care of your pet, but ultimately the responsibility is yours to do the best you can for your beloved animal.

  2. Wellness is all-encompassing term. Includes what lifestyles our dogs get to live, what food they get to eat, how safe they feel, and how well we care for their health. It absolutely includes wellness exams.

  3. This as a great idea, to do a roundup of past posts. Pet Wellness is so important and you’ve been blogging so long you probably have a lot more stories people haven’t seen. Thanks for putting these in an easy place to find them.

  4. Great clever post to bring awareness about Pet Wellness Month. Oh I remember coming across your blog for the first time and seeing your adventures with Dusty. ( You know I’m partial because my cat’s name was Dusty too) What a sweet face. Your Dusty lives on forever! I’ll have to check out some of your other hyperlinks.

  5. You are right – pet wellness is an important topic that we tend to overlook. Keeping your pets healthy is a lot easier than curing them after they become ill. That photo of Dusty is so precious! He has the most darling eyes. Even here on the other side of the world he is fondly remembered. 🙂

  6. Great post and links to other posts. We’re happy our vet began offering a wellness plan where we can pay monthly, which includes bi-annual checkups for both girls It’s time to take Brulee back for her 6-month checkup. Of course, Truffle will go along for the ride to help with the foreign smells from the vet.

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