Pet Parent or Pet Owner

There has been much discussion recently some due to this article, also general chat about being a pet parent or a pet owner.

Mum does not consider herself a pet parent, she is British and finds the term a bit odd. However, she knows many of her colleagues and friends use it and respects their right and wish to do so. Mum loves us all, we are the prime beneficiaries of her Will but she found the term uncomfortable until…….

Cameron fights a mouse

The subject came up online and an amicable, interesting discussion that took place between pet blogging colleagues. 

Pet Parent Or Pet Owner?

It was an illuminating comment from colleague Susie Barnes McGavin who says that the term pet parent is meant to make people feel more responsible for their pet. [our underline] We read this and had a real lightbulb moment, an epiphany! Susie points out that …. it’s easy to throw out or give away property, which is for “owners.” But, it is more difficult to do that to an animal that is considered a family member.

Graceful Mum Tawhai
  • Suddenly we thought, YES, that’s IT.  THIS approach we are happy to adopt, and endorse. We can use the term ‘pet parent’ with this intention in mind.  We believe that if we too can encourage people to think of a cat, a dog, or whatever anipal as a family member, not as an object to be owned, then cruelly discarded – this has to be a good thing and we wholeheartedly endorse its use. 

While Mum still cannot call herself a ‘pet parent’, she now realises that the term has the ability to make a difference to hundreds, if not thousands of lives. It may even make our constant battle for animals abandoned due to ‘owner decease’ easier, who knows.  So stand proud and call yourself a Pet Parent or Pet Owner, whatever you want! We will back you to the hilt and respect your love and your reasons why – we learned something good today.

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Written by Marjorie Dawson

Marjorie Dawson, Blogger, Video Maker and Photographer is an established blogger who loves to teach Bloggers about creating their own movies to blow Sponsors away. She also investigates and researches Cat Tech for Dash Kitten blog.

11 thoughts on “Pet Parent or Pet Owner

  1. Leader Otis’ Guardians coined the best term for so many, IMFO…however…Mom Linda and Dad Peter refuse to call themselves anything OTHER THAN…Mom and Dad…they have no ‘human’ bipeds and all their furramily have been just that…Happy New Year
    Savannah’s Paw Tracks recently posted…Wordless…New YearMy Profile

  2. My human is about as un-maternal as anyone could possibly be, so she is not comfortable with the term parent at all – or “mom” either – although she doesn’t care what other people call themselves in regards to their pets. She actually thinks of us more like “different but equal,” or as a caretaker – or assistant, which is how I think of her! And frankly, I think it is rather presumptuous of her to consider herself our equals.
    Sparkle recently posted…Kitties, Help Your Humans With Their New Year’s Resolutions!My Profile

  3. Miranda, I totally agree. I used to snicker to myself at the term but not any longer. (this is Katie’s mommy) as Katie IS a member of the family and as with my other cats, I love her to Kingdom come. And I would hope more people throughout the world would stop seeing pets as pieces of wood or something and see them as the living, feeling, loving (if you let them) beings they are.

  4. Mama cares fur me juss like a family member. Her also mite use da werds “pet guardian” Iz call her Mama becuz Iz dependent on her fur ebery fing. Iz an indoor kitty so my food and waters (and treets) all come frum Mama juss as if Iz waz a kitten. It duznt matter wat I call her, shez juss berry impawtent to me!
    Ms. Molly Cat

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