Pet Loss and Estate Planning – The Rainbow Bridge

Pet Loss and Estate Planning – The Rainbow Bridge

Today we discuss pet loss with PepiSmartDog a Twitter friend and rescue colleague. Pepi is here to explain what the Rainbow Bridge is for those unfamiliar with the idea.

Pepi Smartdog in his pram

Pepi on Pet Loss and the Rainbow Bridge

“I became a Rainbow Bridge Ambassador in 2009 and began meeting new pals at the bridge and driving them to their Welcome Banquet in my Pram/Stroller where all their family and friends gather to greet them.

As soon as we cross the bridge each pal’s body is refreshed and renewed! We can eat anything and do everything.

The Rainbow Bridge and How It Helps Pet Loss

Arriving at our Rainbow Garden and removing our Gold Helmets, each new pal receives a full grooming session at Rudy’s Spa & Beautification Salon and fitted with a beautiful formal outfit, before entering the Banquet Dining Hall.

Walking thru the entrance doors, appaws rings out from all their family and friends in a collective “Welcome.” Little paws carve beautiful menu items of the pal’s favourite foods, under the guidance of our specialist Head Chefs. We know how to pawty and we love to dance.

Each pal is presented with a new Diamond Motorbike for boys and Diamond Scooter for girls. If you hear thunder, don’t worry it’s a new pal learning to ride their bike and lightening means their doing wheelies, BOL!

We sleep together on our comfy Cuddle Cloud, so we are never alone. We only have happy memories and no illness or pain.

Dusty Health Update

The View of Pet Loss from the Other Side

We know you still love us and we love you and will never forget you. Meanwhile, your pal is surrounded by great pals *strikes a pose* and together we all laugh and play and nom and nap. Then do it all again. We have so many great clubs to chose from.

We go to the Waving Cloud each day, so remember to look up into the stars; you’ll KNOW it’s your pal by the twinkling. The brightness of the stars is from our smiles.

The day you unexpectedly find yourself standing on the bridge, your pal will be there to meet you.  You will be a forever family again…not just yet!

My uplifting message of hope to all families of those who have pals over the Rainbow Bridge: Rainbow Bridge Message.

*waves paw from Pram/Stroller* What a view!

  1. It is so very comforting to know that Pepi and all the pals gone before us are at the Bridge and welcoming new arrivals so lovingly .. ’til we are all together again.

  2. What a beautiful post. It is so heartening to know that Sammy is safe and healthy and happy at the Bridge.

    Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comments when it was time for Sammy to leave for the Bridge. Your words are such a comfort to us at this difficult time.

    Hugs to you.
    meowmeowmans recently posted…Thankful Thursday – The Love of FriendsMy Profile

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