This is a pet loss and estate planning post prompted by us seeing so many ‘owner deceased’ rescues, near misses and losses. UPDATE Oct. 2017. In addition to our advice here, the Winn Foundation also has a page it updates every year with valuble advice on estate planning.

  • We can, and should take better care of those we risk leaving behind. We need tough talk – this is a tough subject.

Estate Planning for Pets

We Need to Think when Doing Estate Planning:

  • What happens if you don’t take care of your closest fur friends.
  • Estate planning to include your pet
  • An interview with Ken Neeld of Ralston and Bredickas Funeral Directors about their popular and positive pet focused programmes and estate planning.
  • The Rainbow Bridge concept, for those unfamiliar with it

What happens if you don’t make provision for your closest friend? You know, don’t you?

They are at risk of being sent (in the USA) to Animal Control and certain death – or as we found when we picked up our little Bandit, they are abandoned. Family who have assured you they will look after your pet suddenly find they can’t; they are allergic, family break ups, any number of disasters get in the way. Your pet is immediately exposed to an harsher and more brutal world – one without your protection. 

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Ensure that you take Estate Planning Steps for your closest animal friend(s) with a Will.

Yup, you heard me – A Will, and no, they are not just for little old ladies and gents either.

  • Wills are for everyone.
  • It can seem intimidating and it does need a degree of expertise so do a little bit of reading and consult with an expert.
  • What kind of Will you need can depend on whether you own your own home or live in a rental, whether you have a modest income or some investments.
  • They are mostly NOT complicated so get advice NOW.

Mum and Dad are making their Wills at the moment. We are first in line for protection. Mum and Dad have relatives but we cats are written specifically into the document with financial provisions for us – and a safe haven as long as we live. Every fur friend should have this. Consider making a basic Will as soon as you are able – don’t put it off as scary – it’s more honourable than abandoning your fur family.

I discovered some searches and guidelines on making a Will here (USA) and here (UK). This gives an idea of what to think about, what to look out for. It may not mention pets but they should be your first concern when speaking to a lawyer or solicitor.

  • If you live in another country and have a local link for government please let me know I will include it for completeness.
  • If you have any advice, please leave a note in the comments. Sound and useful advice will, with your permission be included in the page and credited to you.

So whatever your age, your financial situation make a will.

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4 thoughts on “Pet Loss and Estate Planning with Pets

  1. My parents have a blue folder in the house & with friends which includes their wills, details of who to contact, password details of on-line accounts & hotmail etc & a “what to do in case of our deaths” folder. This includes details of their pet babies diets, vets, health details & who they will be looked after by. All sorted here.????

  2. Great post. Our humans have made provisions for us which gives them and us great peace of mind. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

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