Important pet hydration

Pet Hydration Month in the Southern Hemisphere

Important Pet Hydration alert and a puzzle! Surely pet hydration month is in July I can hear my American friends saying?

It is summer here in New Zealand. The seasons are upside down to our Northern friends, but, cat hydration matters wherever you are, and we have important tips and vital hydration SOS advice for you at the bottom of the post.

According to PetSafe, America’s designated Pet Hydration Month is July. PetSafe have taken up this vital cause with a genuine and real commitment to keeping pets of all kinds well hydrated and healthy. The impact has been so strong that, thanks to PetSafe, hydration is now a definite part of every cat lovers consciousness.

New Zealand Heats Up in January

July is often, for many in the USA and Europe, the start of summer. For New Zealand, however, the seasons are totally upside down. Temperatures start to warm up from late December and stay high into February and March then start cooling down. This year things have got hot fast and stayed super warm so it is important pet hydration knowledge kicks in.

2018 year has given rise to record temperature highs and 2018 is now officially New Zealand’s hottest summer on record. As a result of these temperatures we feel we want to celebrate the simple gift of sweet water.

Important Pet Hydration Tips

  • Make sure you have plenty of water out for your cat
  • Change your water bowl daily or…
  • Monitor and top up your water fountain often
  • Put water bowls out in your garden for passing visitors. They may welcome the chance to drink.
  • If your cat is not drinking water but eating, make sure the food has added water.

You may have seen our Raindrop report. It is the most precious item in the whole house at the moment, and is playing a big part in keeping the Dash Kitten Crew hydrated and well. We love ours so suggest you check locally, or look at our Amazon link here or try a pet electrolyte solution like this one.

Important pet hydration
Record breaking temperature in New Zealand in 2018

Cat Dehydration SOS

If you find a dehydrated cat

We had one of those odd ones you get while thinking about cat hydration. What if a dehydrated cat won’t drink? How would you get a dehydrated cat to drink, if you found one? Thankfully PetMD came up with this important advice:

If the cat is able to drink, put it in a cool, quiet place with fresh cool water. Cats can be encouraged to drink by using a water fountain for cats, putting juice from canned tuna or salmon in the water, or using a meat flavoured water and electrolyte supplement available at some pet stores.

Whatever happens, try to get the cat to a vet FAST.

Happy Summer Sunday
Marjorie and Harvey
Harvey Portrait







20 thoughts on “Pet Hydration Month in the Southern Hemisphere

  1. Harvey, I am always so happy to see you. Glad you are keeping well-hydrated. We have fountains and water bowls throughout the house. The bathroom has two water bowls and a fountain and some of the Kitties Blue still insist on drinking out of the toilet. Thanks for that great tip from PetMD. Thanks for hopping. Love ?and kisses?, Miss Janet
    p.s. Happy 4th Blogoversary!

  2. Harvey, you look great! And you get to drink water out of glass! That is so cool! I wish I could.
    And most excellent tips! One thing my Mom does is put extra warm water in our wet food.
    Many years ago (before the interwebs) a vet suggested to Mom that she do that for a before cat.
    She has been adding warm water in the wet food ever since.
    It really helped – especially when Angel Nellie was not well.

  3. EEEKKK thee hottest Summer there so far Harvy Buttonss??? That iss sorta scarey issn’t it?? LadyMum all wayss has 2 bowlss of water fur mee an changess it twice a day. An mee iss syringing furendlee so if mee not well, shee CAN get water inn to mee…..
    Stay kewl deer furendss!
    **nose rubsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

  4. It is so important for cats (and people too) to stay hydrated. Our cats really enjoy drinking from a fountain. That is probably the best thing we ever bought for them!

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