Dixie Hemingway Pet Detective and Google

Dixie Hemingway Pet Detective and Google

Many of you have read our review of pet detective Dixie Hemingway, in the books by Blaize and John Clement. We love reading about the pet sitter in Florida and her descriptions of a world so different from our own. Well, we made a discovery that we think is kind of magic. Maybe you know already but for us this is special….

Did you realise that Siesta Key exists? That it’s a real place? Well, we wondered, as geography is not my strong point. We usually leave stuff like that to pal Seville the Cat – so we looked the place up on Google maps, and, it’s here. (Google Maps). We were thrilled to find it, as thrilled as when we found out Mr John Clement has continued doing a great job continuing his Mom’s series about our favourite pet detective.

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Anyone who knows the Dixie Hemingway books, follows her as she drives up and down Midnight Pass Road, the central thoroughfare of Siesta Key, going about her business, thinking and puzzling over mysteries and crimes. In n our dreams we thought, maybe we could do that too. So we did it! Did what? We fired up Google maps and we hopped into a virtual car and drove the virtual road, exploring the real Siesta Key of our pet detective heroine, exploring its byways, and, you know what? We think this it’s cool to be able to do this!

We may never visit Siesta Key, but we can see the real place, connected with books we love and – well we thought that all of a sudden the world seemed a bit brighter,  a bit more amazing! Have you ever been surprised to find a place in one of your books is real, did you find it as magical as we do?

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  1. That’s really neat! The head peep is a big fan of using Google Earth for things like that. As a reader, she visits places she reads about, and as a writer, she uses it to walk streets she can’t go to in person to be sure that they look the way she thinks they do. We read recently that Google Earth has added walkthroughs of some zoos. It’s amazing how much smaller our world is getting, isn’t it?
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  2. How Paw-some is that!
    I never thought to Google Map up a place to do this. I’ll have to try it out for the next time I’m reading a story.
    Those books you mention look very interesting.
    Thanks Dash for sharing this! 🙂

    Troyer: DaMaaaaaaaa… can you read dat cat think book to me again? Iz ready to snuggle in fur a gud story.
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