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Peeping Around the Desk for a Selfie

Peeping Around the Desk for a Selfie

Today’s photograph is a lovely selfie of Natasha peeping around the desk for a selfie in Paul’s office. Isn’t she just the most curious looking cat?

Believe it or not, the sun shines brightly even in winter here in New Zealand so taking a shot like this I can pretend it’s summertime! It makes taking photos a bit of a challenge too because the ambient light here is very strong. It’s so strong I wear my sunglasses even in winter on my motorbike.

Around the Desk for a Selfie

A couple of things to look for in your bright photos.

If you look closely you will see patches of Natasha’s fur are overexposed or ‘clipped’. There is no detail in these very bright areas but I think the reflected light that illuminates her face is so interesting I don’t mind the overexposed parts at all. What do you think?

Around the Desk for a Selfie
Natasha – IS 800 180 mm f/5.6 /160

CLIPPED: What does it mean? In a nutshell, overexposing your shots will always lead to clipped highlights. Details will be lost in the brightest parts of your image, and you won’t be able to do much about it even when you edit it later.


The ISO on my photo of Natasha is quite high, but there is not a lot of digital noise (the sort of grainy look the background can get) to spoil the photo. Remember that most of your photos will look good at ISO 200, or 400 but I took a chance here and I think it looks amazing. Peeping around the desk for a selfie worked for this picture.

This picture reminds me of the post I did on dramatic light and shade. That post shows one of the best ways to get a ‘wow’ photo of your cat, inside or outside!


We lost Timmy Tomcat – Wednesday the 23rd of June 2021.

His Dad announced it on the blog and a million hearts broken into pieces. Timmy and his dad are one of my most anticipated visits on the Selfie blog hop and also some of my most informed commenters. They always respond if they have learned something and want to share. I am so grateful for their friendship.

Please visit Pete and the family here. If you are short on time, please comment on Timmy’s blog rather than here at Dash Kitten. Right now there is a Timmy shaped hole in the world and we need to let his dad Pete know what we care.

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Marjorie is a motorbike riding blogger and award winning cat photographer who believes that everyone can shoot and edit wonderful pictures they love regardless of the camera they use.

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18 thoughts on “Peeping Around the Desk for a Selfie”

  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us. We really love the tips that you provide. Natasha looks incredible in the photo. Have a great rest of your day and keep up the posts.

  2. That photo of Natasha is definitely dramatic! You get the best photographs in all types of lighting.

  3. Oh my, Natasha’s selfie is downright adorable! It’s interesting to read about “clipped” – I didn’t realize that is what it’s called. I get it often – so it’s very helpful. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it in my photos. Also, I’m sorry to hear about Timmy – sending love and healing light.

  4. This selfie shot is adorable. I did not even notice the clipped part. So sorry to hear about Timmy. I’ll have to send my condolences and visit their blog. Keep up the great work! I love seeing your happy photos of the day too.

  5. natasha ewe bee gorgeouz noe matter de lite…we like how mum bringed ewe front and center …..and a way frum de bak ground !!!

  6. That photograph of Natasha is superior – not just phenomenal … superior. Her whiskers seem to glow! WOW.

  7. Love the selfie of Natasha with the beautifully highlighted whiskers!
    The kitties and I are very sad about the loss of Timmy Tomcat, and we’ve been purring for Jackie.

  8. Beautiful selfie!! I have a lot of those kind of ‘clipped’ images…

    Yes, Miss Jackie, Timmy..and now Sawyer from the Cat on My Head is missing…sheesh:(

    We are pawyering our best for the safe return home for Sawyer and healing for Miss Jackie.

    Timmy will be sorely missed. He was a very special kitty. We have known him and his furmily since 2009…

  9. It is a lovely selfie and I like the way the light accentuates her whiskers. Thank you for your kind thoughts and words for me.

  10. Natasha, we love that selfie. And yes, the fact that it is clipped makes it even more dramatic. 🙂

    We’re devastated about Timmy going to the Bridge. And we have been purring lots for Miss Jackie.


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