Owen’s Oscars 2017 aka Tonk’N Oscars 

Owen’s Oscars 2017 aka Tonk’N Oscars 

Howdy everyone! It’s Oscar Season and I’m here to share my thoughts on who will win, and who should win. ***

Welcome to my Oscars 2017 Preview

There’s some interesting races this year. Everyone thought “La La Land” was the front runner but possibly not so much anymore. The different guilds have announced their winners and these have thrown things for a loop. Let’s keep it short and sweet and get to picking winners! (NOTE:- If you use these for an Oscar pool and lose said pool this disclaimer absolves me of any fault!)

Oscars 2017 – Best Picture 

Hidden Figures (Won Screen Actor’s Guild Award)
La La Land (Won the Producer’s Guild Award)
Pretty proud of myself here, saw every movie except for Hacksaw Ridge so throw them out since I haven’t seen it and they’re probably not winning anyway. Of the rest, it comes down to Hidden Fences, oops I mean HIDDEN FIGURES (won SAG’s biggest award), Moonlight (Critic’s darling), and La La Land (Won Producer’s Guild). The SAG makes up the biggest voting block but the PGA usally fortells the winner. Keyword: USUALLY. Last year “The Big Short” won the PGA but the SAG Winner “Spotlight” won the Best Picture Oscar.
I liked, not loved La La Land, and prefer Moonlight and Hidden Figures over it. La La Land has lost some steam the last few weeks, though you couldn’t say the other two are freight trains going into Oscar night. I’m starting to think, if they revealed voting totals, it might be the closest vote in some time.  (FYI Disregard the Golden Globes because that’s critic’s voting not the guilds so don’t read too much into that.)
Shout out to “Fences” for being easily the best acted movie. “Arrival” was Ok to me, Loved “Hell or High Water”, “Lion” and “Manchester by the Sea” were great (slight nod to MBTS). Personal choice would come down to “Hell or High Water”, “Fences” “Moonlight”, or “Hidden Figures”. And my Oscar would go to “Fences” because the acting in it alone was fantastic and heads and shoulders above the rest. “La La Land” has too many nominations and Hollywood loves patting itself on the back, so they’ll win Best Picture. 

Sidenote to the Oscars 2017 season Though not considered an Oscar Movie, was kinda hoping “Deadpool” would’ve gotten a nomination here. Sorry, not sorry, but that was my favorite movie from last year. Ryan Reynolds is pitch perfect as the Merc With A Mouth, and even got a SAG Nomination. Since it didn’t get nominated it don’t feel right choosing it as my pick, but if nominated would’ve gotten My Pick. If it’s on TV, I’m watching it. It’s gotten to the point where I know the dialogue word for word. I love “Deadpool”! 

  • Will win: “La La Land”  WINNER (eventually) Moonlight.
  • My Pick: “Fences” 

 Oscars 2017 – Best Director

Denis Villeneuve – Arrival
Mel Gibson – Hacksaw Ridge
Damien Chazelle – La La Land (Won the Director’s Guild Award)
Kenneth Lonergan – Manchester by the Sea
Barry Jenkins – Moonlight
Again I didn’t see “Hacksaw Ridge” so throw them out. The winner will be Damien Chazelle since he’s been sweeping all the director’s awards. Look, “La La Land” was good, but to me I thought Barry Jenkins did a better job. He got great performances out of everyone (especially Little and Chiron), and his use of mood and atmosphere drew me into the movie. He did more with less. “La La Land” kinda meandered to me a little bit, but “Moonlight” was focused and did not lose me during the film. Also replace Mel Gibson with Denzel Washington, who got robbed here. 
  • Will Win: Damien Chazell
  • My Pick: Barry Jenkins 

Oscars 2017 – Best Actor

Casey Affleck – Manchester by the Sea as Lee Chandler
Andrew Garfield – Hacksaw Ridge as Desmond T. Doss
Ryan Gosling – La La Land as Sebastian Wilder
Viggo Mortensen – Captain Fantastic as Ben Cash
Denzel Washington – Fences as Troy Maxson (Won the SAG Award)
Was so happy to see Mortensen get nominated here. His performance in “Captain Fantastic” stuck with me and he’s severly underrated as an actor. It came too early in the year to gain any traction during awards season but good to him getting a nomination. Oh, the winner will be Denzel Washington, who shocked everyone by winning the SAG.
It could still be interesting to see who wins though as most thought this was Ryan Gosling’s to lose but the SAG award upset by Washington threw this for a loop. At one point Casey Affleck was a front runner (won the Golden Globe but remember that has no bearing here) for “Manchester by the Sea”, which is a heart wrenching performance. You can feel his heaviness and his portrayal was nomination worthy but I feel like he might get lost in the shuffle. So it’s down to Gosling and Washington and Denzel gets his third Oscar here. 
  • Will Win & My Pick: Denzel Washington
Dash Kitten Owen Tonk 'N Movies

Oscars 2017 – Best Actress

Isabelle Huppert – Elle as Michèle Leblanc
Ruth Negga – Loving as Mildred Loving
Natalie Portman – Jackie as Jackie Kennedy
Emma Stone – La La Land as Mia Dolan (Won the SAG Award)
Meryl Streep – Florence Foster Jenkins as Florence Foster Jenkins
I only saw Negga, Portman, and Stone’s performance, so I can’t judge the other two. Of the three I liked Portman slightly more than Stone. Negga was good too, but not as much as Portman and Stone. Stone has been pretty steady in winning the Best Actress awards so she’s a lock for this, but I prefer Portman who embodied Jackie Kennedy. I didn’t know a lot about her but felt like I know a lot more after seeing “Jackie”. It’s hard to portray a real person sometimes and Portman was Jackie Kennedy, she captured the sadness, the elegance, and the dignity Jackie Kennedy showed through JFK’s death and the events following it.  
  • Will Win: Emma Stone 
  • My Pick: Natalie Portman

Oscars 2017 – Best Supporting Actor

Mahershala Ali – Moonlight as Juan (Won the SAG Award)
Jeff Bridges – Hell or High Water as Marcus Hamilton
Lucas Hedges – Manchester by the Sea as Patrick Chandler
Dev Patel – Lion as Saroo Brierley
Michael Shannon – Nocturnal Animals as Detective Bobby Andes
This is a tough one for me. I didn’t see Michael Shannon’s performance but he’s usally pretty solid, but again, didn’t see it can’t judge it. Kinda feel Dev Patel should’ve been a Lead Actor nominee but I guess he choose to use the ensemble argument.
Of the four I saw I liked all of them but I liked Jeff Bridges the most. His portrayal of a Texas Ranger on the edge of retirement and on the trail of two bank robbers sucked me in the most. Lucas Hedges is gonna be a star and he would be my second choice. He was a pleasant surprise in “Manchester By The Sea”. I had to look his name up when I left the theater cause I kept thinking “Damn that kid is good”.
Ali was nice as well, but his limited screen time kinda hurts him to me, but I will say he used the most of it. He showed multiple sides to a drug dealer trying to help out a lost little boy. He was harsh when he need to be but showed a tender side when Little (the young boy he mentored) need a sympathetic ear. Ali is a lock here as well, and I won’t be mad if he won, but for me, I prefer Bridges. 
  • Will Win: Mahershala Ali 
  • My Pick: Jeff Bridges 

Oscars 2017 – Best Supporting Actress

Viola Davis – Fences as Rose Maxson
Naomie Harris – Moonlight as Paula
Nicole Kidman – Lion as Sue Brierley
Octavia Spencer – Hidden Figures as Dorothy Vaughan
Michelle Williams – Manchester by the Sea as Randi
Hey! I saw all four of these performances! Yay! Viola Davis should be a Lead Actress nominee, no idea why she would choose supporting. Maybe she saw how tough the field was or felt it wasn’t Lead Nominee worthy screen time wise? Either way she won the SAG Award and she earned it. She showed a fierceness and was just as good as Denzel.
Of the others, Naomie Harris and Octavia Spencer stood out the most, then Michelle Williams, and then Nicole Kidman. Harris starts out making you hate her for what she’s doing, but by the end she gets your sympathy as well. Spencer was the center of “Hidden Figures”, bringing some balance to the film between Taraji Henson and Janelle Monae (If Viola Davis had gotten a Lead Actress Nomination I would have wanted to see Monae replace her here, for either “Moonlight” or “Hidden Figures”. She was excellent in both films, she actually could’ve replace Kidman in this category). Williams, like Casey Affleck, carries a sadness and heaviness throughout the film, and makes you feel it. Kidman was Ok, not really standing out like Patel did in “Lion”. 
  • Will Win & My Pick: Viola Davis

 Oscars 2017 – Other Categories, or, Quick Picks aka Throwing Darts at my Oscar Chart!: 

  • Best Original Screenplay – Manchester By The Sea 
  • Best Adapted Screenplay – Moonlight (Interesting tidbit: Moonlight and Arrival won the Writer’s Guild Awards but in separate categories! Here they’re nominated in the same category) 
  • Best Animated Film – Zootopia
  • Best Foreign Language Film – Toni Erdmann  WINNER:- The Salesman – Iran
  • Best Documentary – Feature – O.J.: Made In America 
  • Best Documentary – Short Subject – The White Helmets
  • Best Live Action Short Film – La Femme et le TGV WINNER:- Sing – Kristof Deak and Anna Udvardy
  • Best Animated Short Film – Piper
  • Best Original Score – La La Land
  • Best Original Song – City of Stars from La La Land (Pulling for “Can’t Fight The Feeling!)
  • Best Sound Editing – La La Land WINNER:- Arrival
  • Best Sound Mixing – La La Land WINNER:- Hacksaw Ridge
  • Best Production Design – La La Land 
  • Best Cinematography – La La Land (Pulling for Moonlight)
  • Best Makeup & Hairstyling – Star Trek Beyond WINNER:- Suicide Squad
  • Best Costume Design – Jackie  WINNER :- Fatastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
  • Best Film Editing – La La Land WINNER:- Hacksaw Ridge
  • Best Visual Effects – The Jungle Book 
Oh and any Complaints or Comments??? I can be reached on Twitter: @OwenTheTonk, and I read the comments below too!

See ya on Oscar Night!

Owen the Tonk
Oscars 2017 Movie Reporter
Dash Kitten Owen Tonk 'N Movies
P.S. Reviews coming soon! 
  1. We love watching the Oscars and this year, we even attended a Pre-Oscars pet friendly party in New York City. Dexter dressed as Ryan Gosling, whom we feel needed more awards BOL

    My wife and I plan to binge watch a ton of Oscar movies next weekend. I love the glitz and glam!

  2. Oh My! Yous was pretty good at figuring out who would win. Mes was way off!
    Good thing mes was not in any pools.
    Mes thinks there should bes a best Reporter for the Oscars and mes would presents the award to yous!!!

  3. Great roundup! I feel out of the loop – haven’t seen 99% of these movies! lol. Funny that out of the Best Pictures choices, Hacksaw Ridge was the only one you hadn’t seen, but that’s the only one I HAVE seen! I thought it was really good, so that’s my pic for Best Picture! 🙂

  4. Awesome round-up, Owen. We have been looking forward to this post of yours, as you always have such great insights about all of the movies and people in contention for the Oscars!

  5. You have some great picks here! Unfortunately, it has been a really rough year for me, so I haven’t seen any of these films. Perhaps I will get the chance soon. I absolutely love movies. Honest Trailers did a great Youtube video on this year’s Oscars. I am disappointed not to see Deadpool in the running for an award too. I thought it was a very clever movie and it will be influential in the superhero genre.

  6. Definitely a well thought out post & very entertaining. I feel like I’m on the outside looking in because I rarely go to the movies. I’ve actually not seen any of these movies so I can’t weigh in! However, I did see Deadpool and The Big Short & loved both! The Big Short is an important movie, we can’t forget what the financial industry to people. I’m just looking forward to seeing A Dog’s Purpose!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  7. Hmmmmm Well, we ain’t seen any of those movies and don’t know many of those names. And we don’t watch da awards, so we’ll take your word fur who’s who. Hope you enjoy da show. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  8. Thanks for such an excellent insightful round-up. As I have only seen a few of the nominated films, that will be very helpful. Seems like a lot of talent and some close calls this year.

  9. I must admit I have no idea what’s going on the Oscar world, and can’t remember the last time I went to a movie, but thanks for the summary. My mother enjoys the show I think I’ll forward this to her I’m sure she’ll enjoy it.

  10. I’m sorry to say that this year I hardly made it to any movies, and I don’t think I saw any of the ones nominated. I hope to see Hidden Figures soon, though.

  11. Mom and Dad only saw one of these, Hidden Figures. They thought it was terrific. Mom does want to see some of the others. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

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