Oscars Report Announcement

Oscars Report Announcement

We are celebrating Thankful Thursday with our Oscars Report Announcement. Our buddy Owen the Tonk will be writing our 2017 Oscar Review. 

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Why the Excitement about our Oscars Report?

Owen has a skill we don’t have, he writes very well, and with a discerning eye about movies . After a break from the blog, he is back (and we also hope to see more regular reviews here too).  There are so many films and across a huge range of themes – we don’t envy Owen, or the voters, their job this year.

Readers will have enjoyed Owen’s 2016 review of the best movies, so why not check out the official Oscar® nominations page, then watch for Owen’s daring predictions for movie success, here at Dash Kitten! We would only say, before you all shoot for Zootopia as Animated Feature Film, please check out the visionary stopframe-CGI masterpiece Kubo of the The Strings. 

oscars report

Keep your eyes open for our Oscars Report soon!

Owen is a valued colleague, and we know you will look forward to his return to the blog. We will make sure you all know when his Oscar report 2017 goes live!

Dusty Cat
Oscars on Thankful Thursday Reporter

Dusty our senior and most recent blogger

  1. dusty….wavez two ewe dood….we due knot get two de mooveez but de food
    gurl doez watch lotz oh dee vee deez…..looking for werd two reeding oscar’s ree port !! insert heartz XXX

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