Ori the Dwarf Costume

Ori the Dwarf The Hobbit Costumes

Ori the Dwarf Costume is next on the Hobbit Costume Trail. Here in Middle-Earth we spotlight Ori, one of the younger dwarves, played in The Hobbit movie by Adam Brown.

Although his is not one of the starring roles in the Hobbit, the costume is given as much care and consideration as the stars and, in fact, is one of my favourites due to its decoration and presentation. Just check out that lovely leather button, and the superb belt buckle.

Ori Dwarf Costume The Hobbit Movie
According to Tolkein, Ori is a writer and very musical. It is he who records most of the journey to Erebor. When Thorin asks for music (in the book) Ori is one of the dwarves who plays for him.

To find out more about him, Ori’s full story can be found at the Tolkein Gateway. It is worth a read if you have time.

Ori Dwarf Costume The Hobbit Movie
Ori Boots The Hobbit

Ori’s artistic leanings show themselves in what he wears. His mittens looks hand knitted, either by his loving Mum or himself, as he might want to knit the pattern he preferred! His mittens are practical and warm and his coat has an homespun and handwoven look to it – not finely made fabric, but practical and warm with the faint impression of a pattern, perhaps from happier times. If you look at the slide show you will also see the layered look of his jacket and shirt under the cosy scarf. There is also a cool article on knitting in the Hobbit here!

Ori Dwarf Costume The Hobbit Movie

Such attention to detail in the Ori the Dwarf Costume by Anne Maskrey and Bob Buck of 3 Foot 7 Costume Department surely meant that Adam Brown was able to immerse himself in the role and get an idea of the character Peter Jackson wanted from him. Ori may seem a bit of a softy in the movies, but he must be tough to cope, and keep up with, the older more experienced dwarves of Thorin’s troop.

Ori the Dwarf Costume

Finally, why is Ori dressed in a rather dramatic purple? If you read this entertaining post by Lauren Davis of io9, she tells plenty of Hobbit movie fun secrets from October 2012, including the fact that Ori’s mum plaited purple ribbons into his beard as it was his first big adventure. So, purple just had to be Ori’s colour!

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Ori the Dwarf
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