Online netiquette is modern manners for the computer user. Being amongst friends on Twitter, and Facebook it’s easy to forget that not everyone is as polite, or well mannered, as you are. It’s also easy to forget that our words and opinions may differ from our friends. If you have an idea I should include, just add a comment.

Online netiquette for Computer Users

Here are a few tips to help you remember your online netiquette, and keep your friends 

  • There is a real person sat at another computer screen. Half way around the world maybe but a living breathing person with feelings.
  • Try to be polite. When in doubt don’t tweet – take a deep breff.
  • Don’t call people out. If you don’t like their politics or religius beliefs either unfriend, or look beyond the belief to the person.
  • Some people go out of their way to provoke pals – they get a kick from it, it’s a hobby. Don’t feed their addiction – ignore provocative or nasty comments. You can also block or report persistent ‘spammers’.
  • If someone is bothering you either ‘live’ or via DM – speak to an other pal about it. Don’t mention names to start with but don’t keep it to yourself and worry about it.
  • Try to keep an eye on your spelling – I have a job keeping Mum in line rolls eyes but I try. Clear words make it easier for pals to understand you.
  • And remember, some pals to not have English as their first language – be prepared to clarify a statement if a friend asks – they are not being sarcastic they may be genuinely confused.
  • Be careful around strangers. Yeah it might sound obvious, but, there is a reason fund raisers are run for either registered charities or long standing friends. It is easy to plead a sob story – so make sure you can verify any appeal check their bona fides – BE CAREFUL

Keep your good sense with you!
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7 thoughts on “How to Behave Online or Netiquette

  1. Nice tips guys! Fortunately, I’ve only ever had one REALLY mean thing posted by someone on my Facebook page wall… I shared a photo of a friend’s pit bull doggy and the person wrote “It’s a Pit Bull – kill it before it kills a person!”… person blocked and reported!
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