The Perfect Cover for Your Smartphone

The Perfect Cover for Your Smartphone

We want to introduce proudly American Oberon Designs they are part of our luxury shopping feature for pets and their families.

Oberon’s exquisitely tooled leather covers for e-readers, Kindle, Nook etc., iPad covers and Moleskine notebooks are real treasures. They create gorgeous cases for all the popular iPhones, and for Android devices. These are the ultimate in designer phone cases featuring dragons, nature, and the Hokusai Wave! If you just can’t decide, you can give a gift voucher and let your lucky recipient decide for themselves.

It is not often we go wild on human stuff as most of it is, well, meh! But, these covers and bags are breathtaking. Hand-tooled heirloom quality and all made in Santa Rosa, CA, in the USA for Americas finest skilled artisans.

We grabbed the mouse and ordered a cover for Dad’s iPad Mini, and a cover for Mum’s Kobo Glo. It’s actually for the Kindle but its a perfect fit – thanks to careful measuring before we ordered. Oberon do ship worldwide and the order arrived within the time specified by Oberon.

Oberon Designs – The Options

We would describe each of the gorgeous items in loving details but recommend you go and browse Oberon’s site yourself. This list gived you a glimpse at their treasures:

  • Sketchbooks
  • Covers for iPads
  • Kindle E-readers
  • Journals
  • Notebook Covers
  • Moleskine Covers
  • Messenger bags
  • Portfolios

Good things About Oberon Design

Each substantial leather cover has a beautiful pewter button (lead free) which captures the theme of the cover at a smaller scale.  

We hope that our images give you an idea of the quality and colour available. Our own E-reader has a beautiful portrait of pond life with a dragonfly. The dragonfly also appears on the button. Just take a look at the gallery above, WOW. The leather is of fine and durable quality, not thin but substantial and a joy to gold. The tooled leather the images are clear and sharp.

  • These covers will make you to envy of your fellow Kindle or Kobo lovers 😉

Oberon Designs are proud to source their supplies locally within the USA, and do the production of their catalogues and websites ‘in house’, keeping their company proudly American run and supplied. As they say ‘Made in the USA since 1972’ and THAT is something to be proud of.


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