We have been offline and, thankfully, we had no drama over Christmas but wanting to enjoy a peaceful time with our fur family and enjoy our wonderful sunny weather. Can we share a few pictures of the holiday season’s memorable moments? Firstly, thank you to Kitties Blue for the wonderful snowflake (above) now proudly part of our Christmas decoration collection.

No Drama at Christmas Dash Kitten's Whskr Marjorie

Here’s Mum in her lovely tshirt from Janet and the Kitties Blue. Check out the gorgeous fluffy kitten (maybe Mum doesn’t need to kidnap Truffles and Brulee anymore heh heh) It is such a lovely shirt. Oh? What’s Mum doing? She is dancing in front of our flax bush with it’s amazing flower stem. Yeas, Christmas here is certainly different!

  • NOTE As you know Fiona at The Cat on my Head is not well – please join us in wishing her well at the Kitties Blue blog.

No Drama at Christmas Wellington Station

Wellington Railway Station celebrated Christmas with its pillars as candy canes. This made us smile such a lot and hope you enjoy it too. We wondered how they made the stripes, because, well, painting them would take forEVER – right? Mum checked up close and the pillars are cleverly made sleeves that slip like a sock over a paw! Neat huh?

Mum had been putting off seeing The Force Awakens until Christmas Eve, it’s a special film for her and she wanted to get the timing just right. She ended up at the lovely boutique cinema Petone Lighthouse with a pre-show glass of wine and the cutest Stormtrooper chocolate cupcake ever – the movie was amazing too.

OK guys, gotta go, it’s sunny outside and Mum and Dad are going to do some gardening – we need to supervise MOL!

Happy holiday season everyone.

Harvey, Miranda, Silver, Phoebe and Dusty








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