Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Cafe is Open

Neko Ngeru Cat Adoption Cafe is Open

Wellington’s first cat adoption cafe is open, and we are celebrating with a movie. This must now be one of the top New Zealand destinations for cat lovers. Mobile movie viewers need to click here.

Just outside the best city to visit in New Zealand, you will find the best cat cafe ever! For those coming via the cruise liners – Petone is a short trip away, for those coming by car there is plenty of local parking in local streets.

Take a Look Inside the Latest Cat Adoption Cafe

Neko-Ngeru is hoping to encourage adoptions in the Wellington region through their cafe. Patrons can enjoy a ‘meet and greet’ while non adopting cat lovers can just chill, and drink their fill of cats and delicious coffee!

You will remember our previous report as the cafe was being created. The excitement, the paint, the hammering, and the furniture moving! Now, the cafe is open for business. Visiting is a delightful and relaxing experience.

Cat Adoption Cafe

  • There are comfortable tables to sit at and beanbags for the really relaxed!
  • There are lovely cakes, tasty savouries
  • and some of the most amenable cats you could every hope to adopt.

You need to visit Neko-Ngeru as soon as you can!

We enjoyed a wonderful visit as we sat and chilled with some of the best locally roasted coffee and delicious cakes.

  • Your very own cat cafe visit can be booked Online Today.
  • You can find out more about the cat cafe in one of the many press reports.

Cat Adoption Cafe

ConCATulations to Richelle and Ken Okada on creating a friendly, welcoming and friendly environment for happy cats and really spoiled happy people! On your next visit to Wellington, New Zealand, this is one of the things you must not miss!

The People who dreamed of the Cat Adoption Cafe

Why a cat cafe for Wellington?

Ken and Richelle Okada have visited cat cafes around the world during their time as international teachers. They knew when they settled for good in New Zealand that a cat cafe would be a good thing. Some people live in rented accommodation and landlords are reluctant to allow cats. Others are apartment dwellers who don’t feel they have enough room for a cat to play. For these people a cat cafe is the perfect place to get their ‘kitty fix’.

It is also a vitally important way for cats to be carefully and safely re-homed – with all the fees and checks this en’tails’. The cat cafe will be helping contain the stray cat population, which is a human fault after all! They work alongside The Outpawed Rescue Trust and Feral Nation who focus on strays and TNR, as well as local cat rescues.

You can also catch up on our exclusive interview with Cait Sith, Cat in charge at the Cafe/

Marjorie and the
Dash Kitten Crew

Dash Kitten Owner Marjorie Dawson

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  1. Everyone looks so relaxed and the cats seem to be enjoying the visitors. What a fantastic venue and we’ll done for creating a video that captures the mood, and purpose, purrfectly! Those cakes are SOOO sweet!

  2. Excellent video. I’m impressed with how far you’ve come with your videos. That is still one of my goals for 2018.

    We have a new cat cafe in town about 8 miles from me. I haven’t had the opportunity to visit yet, but I will soon.

  3. Wow! That cat tree/wall looks amazing! And I do like how there’s the ladder to allow cats to escape to a quiet place. The wiggle butt tabby on the carpet? I want to play with you! Great video highlighting the best features of the cat cafe.

  4. Great job on all your posts leading up to the grand opening of the cafe – and fantastic job on this video Marjorie! I so wish I could hop on a plane and come visit this cafe, it looks so fun. Shared on all my channels!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  5. I loved how this video captured the happiness and activity of these cats. The music gives it such a happy feel too. I hope a lot of cats get adopted…and that the new owners create kitty jungles for them in their new environment.

  6. Sweet. This cat cafe is now open. I remember reading your other post about the preparations for the opening. You did a great job on the video. Well done. Congratulations! I bet the locals and tourists are going to love it. Wish them much success and the rest of the kitties find their furrever homes.

  7. I love how more and more of these are popping up! We now have two in Ottawa. I love it. Personally … allergies prevent me from going but I just love the concept!

  8. What a great way for people to relax and get to know local cats who are available for adoption. Adopting a cat is a serious commitment, but a cafe for “meet and greets” is the ideal way to learn about each cat’s personality. Kudos to everyone involved!

  9. I recently read about this opening and love the idea of it being near a cruise port. I would love to go to New Zealand … for many reasons. I never thought about cruising around it. Hope this helps kitties find good homes.

  10. We loved the video and that climbing wall is purrfection! I love to feature cat cafe’s in my “Walk Through The Web Wednesdays” and love to see humans opening more of them. We don’t have one in our town but hopefully someday soon!
    Purrs & Head Bonks.
    Alberto, The Tribe of Five

  11. What a wonderful Cafe and Love the video presentation too! Heres to a successful time and many happy adoptions
    Toodle pip

  12. I am sure glad you enjoyed your visit!
    There are 2 cat cafes here in Vancouver, but they are downtown so I have not been down to see them. Apparently you have to make a reservation to go!
    They are really quite good for adopting out cats!
    I really like your new selfie!
    Marv & Mom

  13. what an awesum cat cafe !!!!!!! thanx for sharin guyz N best best fishez two ewe all that ya findz yur for everz yet thiz month !! insert hearts XX

  14. How exciting for Wellington & the whole of New Zealand. We have noticed social media has been lit up by this news today & over the past week. Congratulations on your involvment and good luck to Neko Ngeru for all the upcoming Cat Adoptions – what a fantastic social enterprise!

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