The Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone

It’s a scary place The Comfort Zone!

For those of you not old enough to remember The Twilight Zone, it was a place of scary mystery. Well, let us introduce you to another equally frightening place……..

The scary boundaries of The Comfort Zone!

Many pals live their lives well inside the comfort zone, others may be living closer to the edge, forced by circumstances like illness, family issues, or job loss. People also willingly step out of their own comfort zones to experience new and interesting things so it’s not always a bad thing but…….

The Comfort Zone

We all know pals who due to family issues and health problems, like depression, find themselves no longer is a place they can call happy or joyful; so we sat down and thought hard about what, and who, would be important at such a scary time.

We came up with a few ideas, and would welcome your input if you think of any more :-

  • Look for recommended literature, information that might help you understand an issue. Ask other people, specialists, doctors (health), business pals (job hunting). Don’t think you are alone – you are not and having a clear view of options is empowering.
  • Job hunting – list your skills, we all have skills; you can supervise, support, advise, lift, fetch, carry, move, drive, walk dogs, clean rooms, operate computers – do stuff. So, stand proud, keep looking  and dodn’t give up!

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  • Depression – takes you to a darker less comfortable place, and it a genuine and frightening illness. It makes you feel alone. So a person, or a kitty, needs to reach out, whether it’s a doctor, a friend who understands, or a local support group. This can be hard – the unhappy place may feel safer than taking action – but thst brave step to action can make a world of difference.
  • Adventure – Sometimes leaving your comfort zone is a joyful challenge to be grabbed with both hands – do that bungee jump, bike ride, learn that new skill. It can be a wild exhilarating ride when you learn a heap of thrilling stuff!

Cat Parade of Fun


  • Family – Is there anyone within your family circle you can talk to about a worry? Do you have a trustworthy pal online you can open your heart to? Do you feel in danger? Whatever you do – suffering in your own twilight zone is not an option – you must to talk to someone – even a police officer.
  • Health – Your comfort zone takes a leap away from you when you are scared by health issues. So, don’t just look up symptoms on the internet and scare yourself! Go to a doctor or nurse for an explanation. Animal health? Take your pet pal to the V.E.T. * shudders * find a confidence buddy who has been there and knows better what might happen. If you have been diagnosed – speak to others in the same worried place as you, and find a more comfortable place to be so you are not alone and frightened.
Whatever your own Comfort Zone – remember others may be outside theirs, even just chatting on Twitter or Facebook, especially if their native language is not English.  If you know someone is not doing good – Try quiet patience, the soft paw of friendship, even just being there – they all matter.
Miranda Kitten
The Comfort Zone Editor
Miranda Kitten

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